Trig Tactical Destroyer

Would be LOVELY! Can you imagine different modes and the moving parts on a trig ship? It would be PERFECT!

Just make it more PvE focused. 5-6 lowslots and 2 midslots.



For real though, I personally would love a triglavian tactical destroyer. Might be a scoach OP though :pinching_hand:. Of course, 2 mid slots would help, but screw that. I want 3 mid slots.


My understanding is that most, if not all, “regular” racial ships will end up with a Triglavian counterpart eventually. Not sure about T3s/D3s, but probably.

Soft no to your slot layout though. Aside from 2 midslot ships generally being horrible, a Triglavian D3 with 6 lows would likely be wildly OP.

(EDIT: I agree with @Salt_Foambreaker’s reply below mine inasmuch as T3s and D3s should probably get a serious rebalance before Triglavian versions are introduced. Fix what’s broken before making more of them…)


Existing T3 are already up for a nerf due to being OP, why add another? Also with the existing ships being OP it would have to be the same, or less powerful, whats the point?

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This is why I suggest 2 midslots. Give it a SLIGHT dmg bump vs the Kiki in Sharpshooter mode (does way less in defense/prop mode), but the 2 midslots is absolutely needed to keep the ship balanced. Unless you want crappy 3 mid/4 slot T3D armor ship…

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