The Draugur command destroyer

The Draugur is a very sad ship!

Compared to the other command destroyers, it only has 10 slots and only 2 utility high slots.
The bifrost and Stork have 14 slots to play, the Pontifex and Magus have 13 (because drones) but all 4 major empires can fit 3 links at once if you so wish.

Other than totally disarming the Draugur, you can only fit 2 links and the gun. Ignoring disintegrators for a bit, the Magus and Pontifex can have a full damage compliment of drones while carrying 3x links and even the bomb-disposal or defender launcher.
The bifrost and Stork and fit 3x links and 3x rocket or light missile launchers if you want but 3x armor or 3x skirmish links with 2 un-bonused light drones is a tad light on armament - even for a triglavian boat.

What do you think? Can the Draugur get a 3rd high-slot without further breaking EVE or do you think it would be too much if we could have a 3x link triglavian command destroyer?

Maybe add an extra % bonus to the links it gets bonuses with, to counter fact it can’t mount a third link without sacrificing its turret.

Trig ships have always had issues in fitting and specs when compared to similar trie ships of the same role.
But in saying that most have found work arounds to get these ships working.

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Don’t get me wrong, I can make this work but it doesn’t feel right. And we wouldn’t want to give triglavians a higher link bonus - imagine a triglavian command ship…

The idea is just to add a third high slot, not more cpu or powergrid. Sacrifices should be made for fitting three links.
I just don’t think the one gun should be sacrificed for this.

If you still think that’s too much then let me know.

CCP were so scared of how good the kikimora is they tried their best to avoid making a t2 upgrade out of the hull so you won’t see a buffed draugur within next few years

I wonder how’ll they will do the T2 Leshak.

Oh god no! No triglavian marauder!!!


Not a Marauder, a BLOPS!!! :smiley:

It will be Amazing!



How many weapons is a full rack for the others. Now count the disintegrator slot as actually being that many slots.
And now you have a much better comparison for how many slots it really has.

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Compared to the other Command Dessies, doesn’t the Draugur have a way higher DPS because of its disintegrator ?

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I did prior to writing this very post. Now let’s look how I came to my preposterous idea:

  • The Stork and bifrost sacrifice 2/5 of there weapons for 3 links or 40%
  • The Magus and Pontifex sacrifice 3 high slots but drones are the main “weapons”
  • The draugur would be left with 2 (4 in the bay) meager drones which perish when someone looks at them funny - that’s a “tad” more than 40%

Maybe the draugur can lose the entire drone bay for another slot?

I think you are making the mistake that you are trying to make the draugur be like the magus and pontifex. But the thing is that draugur seems to be designed as a more offensive command destroyer.

If you want a linkslut (3 link ship) don’t pick the draugur. You are better off with the other command destroyers. But keep in mind that even for the magus and pontifex you are making fitting sacrifices when using them as 3 link ships, thus reducing their combat capability. Even if they have their drones, their damage is lacking due to no damage mods (Magus can still do decent dps but can easily be defanged). Likewise 3 link biforst and storks do even more pitiful damage. So when doing a 3 link command destroyer damage isn’t really the focus.

If we instead compared 2 link fits then it gets possible to make fits that can do damage that matters. And for this the Draugur start to shine. It doesn’t take long for a 2 link Draugur to outdamage a 2 link magus and this is without accounting for drone travel time. The pontifex is typically a bit behind on damage, while the stork and bifrost still suffers from having to give up a launcher + they are typically more reliant on fitting.

For 1 link fits the draugur is still king of dps, while the bifrost and stork are catching up to the magus. Aside from that 1 link fits aren’t really that different to the 2 link ones, aside from 2 things: They typically have more tank / damage and for the case of the armor ones they have an extra slot for utility. For the Draugur this utility slot is quite good as it has the bonuses for it.

So the Draugur shouldn’t be compared directly to the magus and pontifex. Instead of being a primary link carrier it’s more like an offensive command destroyer that can provide 1-2 links + mjd while also packing a heavy punch. The biggest issue is not the lack of the 3rd link but other things. Mainly the short range and the high pricetag (and 3 mids can be a bit limiting sometimes). However it is still a strong ship.

We should let it grow in its niche rather than trying to shoehorn it into being just another magus/pontifex.

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While I don’t disagree with you <3 no you are right, damage wasn’t what I had in mind - merely drone defense, like ecm-drones however weak they are, people still use them.

That wasn’t in question and I have no doubt about that.

Well if you fit the Pontifex as a very small Armageddon, you have 3 link and 2 long range neuts + 210 drone dps with 5 drones. Or you have 179 drone dps with one long range neut and a defender launcher.

Yes but you still can fit 3x links + tank + 1 neut (not long range but still) and a defender launcher.

One of the reasons I like the Ponitfex and Magus because you can fit the links and have a bomb defense if you want, just don’t try that with the bifrost or Stork - they suffer enough but benefit the entire fleet.

Oh yes and since it is so strong we desperately need a new pirate damage implant set, so it will never be mocked about muahahaha…


I believe that train has settled into triglavian online. The triglavian are very balanced and have no nemesis.

First of all the pontifex doesn’t have a neut range bonus. Secondly, if you want 3 links, 2 neuts + 210 dps on a pontifex it’s going to suffer a lot on tank, making it easy to pick off.

My entire point is that the pontifex and magus are better as utility ships, so if you want a defender launcher then go ahead and pick them. Meanwhile the draugur starts at 210 dps with 1 damage mod with mystic loaded. And even more when it gets spooled up or use close range ammo. So for the draugur you sacrifices utility for dps.

When you start comparing it to bifrost and stork it becomes more clear that the issue isn’t really the draugur, but the pontifex and magus. For both the draugur, the stork and the bifrost you have to choose what do put in highslots. While magus and pontifex got plenty to spare. It’s an advantage every droneboat has.

It seems like the draugur is in a good position now. It’s neither better nor worse than the other ships in the class. It simply fills the role differently. It makes it quite ironic that you complain about triglavian online yet want the draugur to be buffed.

As for the new trig implants. Their use is situational and unless you shoot at the same target for an extended period then they actually nerf your ship.

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