Add a Triglavian Mindlink

I think they should add a Triglavian mindlink which has bonuses to Information and Skirmish.

Anyone thinking it is a bad or good idea?

Just messing :slight_smile:

Alright, so I’m not going to lie, it is an interesting idea. I remember thinking of it before myself… but the question is: why?

  • When does it ever make sense for a single ship to simultaneously boost both info + skirmish?
    • The niche is near non-existent and could easily be served with two command ships where the fault tolerance is appreciated (and possibly armor/shield bursts as well)
    • You could argue “well you could switch back and forth without having to replace the implant or swap clone bodies” - but that’s an expensive implant to lose if you get podded and basically only use one burst at a time
  • Trigs don’t EWAR, so what lore reason could justify the info bursts? I mean you could name it after a different faction that makes more sense (Drifters, CONCORD, etc) or give it a non-faction name entirely
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It probably would have niche use but the Triglavian ship Draugas gets bonus to skirmish and Info so I don’t see why not.

Good observation and point in favor. Only one of the three info charges is EWAR based - the other two are not, so this makes sense.

Probably going to need more than that, however :thinking: . It’s not just a matter of “why not?” - it’s also a matter of use case and balance.

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