Triglavian Collective Command Mindlink

[ Description ]
This advanced interface link produced for the Triglavian Collective drastically improves a commander’s Skirmish Command and Information Command abilities by directly linking to the nanites launched by the command burst charge.

+25% bonus to Skirmish and Information Command Burst effect strength and duration.

[ Attributes ]
Volume: 1 m3
Tech Level: Level 1
Implant Slot: Slot 10
Mindlink Bonus: 25%

[ Requirements ]
Cybernetics V
Skirmish Command Specialist V
Information Command Specialist V

[ Industry ]
Nocxium: 1 unit
Zydrine: 1 unit
Megacyte: 1 unit

[ Notes ]
Copied Caldari Navy Command Mindlink and replaced all occurrences of “Shield” with “Skrimsih”. No thoughts on where players would get it. This would pair well with a Triglavian Command Ship, if one is ever introduced.


This already exists. Why reinvent the wheel?

I only see eight command mindlinks when searching the market. One for each boost type and one for each empire. The empire mindlinks combine shield or armor with info or skirmish. The Triglavian Draugur gets a bonus to info and skirmish. If an info/skirmish mindlink already exists, please tell me what it is called.


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