Skirmish command boosts

I seem to be missing something so someone please help.
If i put a t2 web on an astarte and run t2 skirmish command boosts the web range goes to 12,7km. If I hover over the fleet boost icon in space it says 27% boost to armor and skirm.
If I plug in a fed navy mindlink it is supposed to give a 25% increase in strength. If I look at the attributes on the web it stills says 12,7km. If I hover of the fleet boost icon it says 33%.
I would have expected to see at least 15km on the web attributes.
What am I missing ?
Testing on the test server before I commit to getting the mindlink.

It’s 25% on the base bonus. So it’s 27 x1.25. Not 27+25.


Either way, the range doesn’t change on the webs attributes…

So I unplugged the fed one, put in the normal skirm it had the extra range to 13,8. unplugged it and then put in a new navy one and the bonus are working now. Must be something on the test server…

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Instead of using a tech2 web use a republic fleet web it goes out 15km, before any boosts.

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