Long range scrams/webs

Maybe I am missing something (not the first time) but in this vid:

A Revelation is getting 20+k range with web and scrams (see 1.42 min mark) and over 30k range (see 5 min mark.) Not sure as to how unless there are capital webs/scrams that give that range or someone is boosting him but since it appears to be a recent vid that booster would have to be on grid. If I am missing the obvious please feel free to call me a idiot :wink:

There is a fit of this dreadnought in the video description.

Also this is not web, this is grappler. Note that it has almost no effect at this distance.

As for the disruptor - this is Republic Fleet faction distrptor that has very long range (36 km overheated even without boosts).

OK I see I am a idiot as I didnโ€™t read info close enough. Thank you for setting me straight.

No, you are not. There is no shame in asking a thing you donโ€™t know.

Actually when you see a video and want to know the fit - you can always check the killboard or ask for the fit in comments.


This mature, helpful, and friendly response has renewed my faith in these forums (for at least the next 5 minutes :rofl:).

Thanks for posting-I wish we had more like this.


Right? So many people are nasty for literally no reason.

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