Command Burst Range

Hi the command burst range is very small. So it would be a nice thing when the Command Implant gives you extra range.
The normal Mindlink can give you 50% more range and the Faction one 100% more.
Its a nice fact and would improve the hole command burst thing.

That’s what the Leadership, Wing Command and Fleet Command skills now do:

Skills Bonus
Leadership +7% Command Burst Area of Effect Range per level
Wing Command +6% Command Burst Area of Effect Range per level
Fleet Command +5% Command Burst Area of Effect Range per level

An implant would just bypass that all together.

Bring back offgrid links, they were fun to probe down and kill.
fun to boosh off gate and stations too…

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But mate for example a Bifrost with all skills on 5 has 33km burst range which means in small gangs or even with a Ceptor and a bifrost you dont get the links 40% of the time. And with your argument you can say PG or CPU implants bypass the skills too.

i would love to have offgrid links back or atleast links over the hole grid

They dont want you boosting 5000km away from the fight in near perfect safety, hence why off grid boosting is gone.

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near perfect safety?

Unless they were sitting off a POS shield.

that was the home advatage you got

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No home advantage should be you have a place to dock up and grab more ships.


Show me a PG or CPU implant that provides:

50% or 100% bonus to PG or CPU?


Honestly never really seen them used like that, mostly having to be mobile; and hey if they are great… just leave system and kill the dps there.

The command destroyers are meant to not have huge range. They are not meant to boost entire fleets, just small squads.
If you want longer range boosts, use the larger boosters.

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the thing is that the current situation is that command destroyer get used by alts to anchor up on your main ship and not to boost the hole fleet. Ya when you anchor up on a anchor everyone get the links. And the thing with small squats is stupid if it would be like this they would make a limit on the guys you can boost per ship. And what is the problem when you pay 50M or 250M for implant to get more range. There is no module or other Implant to improve range. Thats because with the offgrid links u never need range but with the current system you cant rely when you a Ceptor or any fast ship.

Ok, good.
This is desirable that positioning on the battlefield matters.
I’m not seeing the issue here other than links making you think and not always being on… which isn’t an issue

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its just that all the command thing needs a good update. i understand that offgrid was op. But then it should maybe give a range and druation imps maybe a imp set which make that so can rely on them as a pilot or maybe finaly mainbox command desrtroyer again. But i dont now ur position to that because it would be buff to everyone using command burst and its not strenght onlky range. which means its easier to get them if u only have 1 command destroyer or battlecruiser.

Use titan phenomenon generators, they have 20000km range.

I would like anti boosts that give negative effects.

It’s called supers and AOE ewar.

Cause we totally need more supers in the game…