Command Burst Charges

I’m just getting into command ships cause they seems cool to me (still training tho, they take long time to train for grr :slight_smile: ) and i was wondering why there are no offensive bursts to turrets and missiles, also since they are T2 BC why there is no range bonus as a role bonus ?

because they would have been broken as all hell in their last iteration.

because they dont need one, they’re outstanding brawlers.

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Why would an offensive bursts be broken ? by the same logic are defensive buffs broken as well ?

As for range bonus it actually makes sense for buff ships to have a range bonus

defensive buffs were largely considered broken

If I had to guess, CCP probably thought that straight DPS or damage application buffs would make for stagnant gameplay. Having command bursts affect mobility, e-war, defense and damage mitigation instead seems like it would make for a more dynamic fleet experience.

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