Where did I go wrong with command ships?

I have always admired tech 2 command ships. With tons of resists and tank and even though they are made to use command bursts , the attack command ships have always seemed like they were very very capable attack vessels in fleets even without boosting the fleet.
Also there are fleet command ships which have even more fleet bonuses. But I rarely ever see either flown, and I don’t understand why command ships have so little place in pvp fleets.

They look great on paper but what am I missing? Are they junk?

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I often see command ships flown by players who want to bring command bursts to bigger fleets. The extra powerful command bursts and extra survivability are really useful for that role, as it’s often one of the first ships that gets targeted by enemy fleets.

For small fleets the added cost of command ships isn’t always worth it.

Sleip, Astarte, Abso and Nighthawk are all cool ships, but their horrible link range makes them mostly unusable.

I’ve been training towards those because I find them facinating as well. Right now I have a Gnosis to learn how this stuff works in a ship I am used to and enjoy flying. My skill levels are at the point where the ones I have left are either really long or a bit out of my price range for what (I think) they do. Meaning the flight formation stuff. The long ones are just getting the last two to V.
What I have been doing with this is flying with an alt in sites I know well in very much underpowered ships, it’s been really amazing. This is of course doing ratting sites, I have enough trouble flying one ship in PvP, flying two would doom them both untill I get a lot better.
What I love about this though is how much stronger you can make a really simple fit for a small tech I ship. Massive tank, vastly better tracking and application of ammo and the main thing is that it’s really fun!
I still haven’t gotten my head around the different stuff you can use in the command bursts, but I’m getting there. My goal for now is to kill sleepers with a Corvette. It’s a bit lofty, but if I can pull that off I think I can turn a Svipul into an absolute monster.
I don’t think you can really go wrong by learning this stuff, yes, you might become target number one, but if you survive there’s a great chance your fleet did too.

Anyway, what I’ve done with this stuff so far has been a blast, and for that alone I recommend screwing around with it.

Also if you are like me you can save a hell of a lot of time by blowing off the mining stuff. Though having said that maybe this could make mining more interesting and actually feel productive…
That’s a scary thought…
What if I were to learn to like something I hate?

Now I’m wondering what it’s like to manage three or four mining barges and a command ship all at the same time… I bet that sort of stuff would keep a person really busy.

The biggest issue is while their boosts are stronger they are far more expensive than a command destroyer and T3C can take more punishment for similar costs. Both the command destroyer and T3C can also keep up with cruiser gangs where a command ship can’t. On top of that with the Command Desi you bring utility in bomb defence as well as the all powerful Boosh.

This means the only place for command ships is in large BC or BB fleets where alpha is high that extra boost is being spread over far more ships and you’re able to keep up with your fleet.

sleipnirs fleets were a thing some time ago
some problems:
and they require high skill levels

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