Thoughts on typhoon fleet issue fit

Please give some feed back!

Edit: updated in the comments

I think it either looks crazy or mental. How come you are using FI instead of regular?

Im new but I have isks and I want to learn. Thank you

For missions?

I want to hold my ground in pvp

Oh well I’d recommend learning with something smaller and cheaper. Yours looks more like a PvE fit gone wrong so I would hold off on that for now.

What about this:

[Typhoon Fleet Issue, *Typhoon Fleet Issue]
Shadow Serpentis Damage Control
Nanofiber Internal Structure II
Nanofiber Internal Structure II
Ballistic Control System II
Ballistic Control System II
Pro-Nav Compact Missile Guidance Enhancer
Pro-Nav Compact Missile Guidance Enhancer

Domination 100MN Afterburner
Domination X-Large Shield Booster
Shadow Serpentis Warp Scrambler
Heavy Capacitor Booster II
Domination Stasis Webifier

Caldari Navy Rapid Heavy Missile Launcher
Caldari Navy Rapid Heavy Missile Launcher
Caldari Navy Rapid Heavy Missile Launcher
Caldari Navy Rapid Heavy Missile Launcher
Caldari Navy Rapid Heavy Missile Launcher
Caldari Navy Rapid Heavy Missile Launcher
Heavy Gremlin Compact Energy Neutralizer
Heavy Gremlin Compact Energy Neutralizer

Large Thermal Shield Reinforcer I
Large Warhead Calefaction Catalyst II
Large EM Shield Reinforcer I

Caldari Navy Hornet x5
Caldari Navy Vespa x5
Republic Fleet Valkyrie x5
Warrior SW-300 x5
Imperial Navy Acolyte x4
Hornet EC-300 x5
Acolyte II x1

Mjolnir Auto-Targeting Heavy Missile I x600
Caldari Navy Mjolnir Heavy Missile x996
Caldari Navy Scourge Heavy Missile x791
Navy Cap Booster 3200 x6
Caldari Navy Inferno Heavy Missile x875
Nanite Repair Paste x99
Caldari Navy Nova Heavy Missile x2072
Agency ‘Overclocker’ SB9 Dose IV x1
Standard Crash Booster x1
Standard Blue Pill Booster x2

Looks better

Yeah, you gonna learn. But how to lose isk fast. Nothing else. Learning PvP in any BS is just dumb. In faction BS full of bling is absurd.

Put your mommy credit card away and learn the game without skipping steps. Straight to failure

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Thank you, anything you’d change?

Thank you for the advice, I made the isk trading though and I want to start with BSs.

I’d probably get an ASB and switch the rigs for more shield boost. And switch out the faction modules probably. I didn’t try fitting it so IDK if you can get 2 shield boosters on there. It’s probably gonna struggle for tank tbh.

you’ll learn a lot more losing 4 cheap t1 battleships than 1 bling battleship

Ill get you a fit in a few days when i can log in that we used in usia


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Yeah, but I’ll learn equally much using 4 cheap t1 BSs and 4 bling BSs, hence my question.

I usually fit mine with Rapid Heavies + range, long range, speed and other modules when I am anti-ganking in the zone.

Judging by this fit, you shouldn’t be flying battleships.
I would give you some feedback if i had a clue on how you expect to be using it.
As it stands it’s a really expensive, really slow battleship with no tank that is unlikely to kill anything (rapids are not good for solo).

You will either get disruptor kited by something smaller or face-tanked by another battleship and killed. I can’t really imagine a PVP fitted target that this thing can kill.

  1. Rapids are not a good solo weapon
  2. Never use ab on a battleship if it’s not a nightmare
  3. Don’t fit faction modules without a clear purpose
  4. Ask yourself how are you going to catch people. No one is going to sit there watching you lock them for 10 seconds.

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