Will I learn something with a T1 fitted PVP frigate?

Hi, After years of PvP procrastination and then leave the game Im back to learn to pew pew. I have joined my main to one of the militias.
I am browsing for suitable fittings and T2 fitted frigates…make expensive wrecks. I really dont have a big income in the game so I cant afford to lose many T2 frigs a day.
Is it a good idea to get some T1/cheap module frigates fitted? Which modules should I prioritize to get the best choice?.
I dont explect a positive combat outcome, unless fighting some unskilled alphas. But I want to get as much pilot flight time as possible.


In short nope to T1 stuff, meta mods are usually even cheaper and better than T1 stuff so at least use them. T1 frig hulls cost about 500k, fully T2 fitted between 7m-12m. Use that as benchmark.

Use T1 frigs + T2 guns + faction and T2 ammo where you can. There are exceptions of course due to fitting restrictions. Shield tank T2 mods are usually cheap, armor is usually more expansive. Most other stuff like tackle can be replaced with meta mods instead of T2 without losing to much functionality.

But before you start make sure what you want, in a 10-20man gang your ship and mods don’t really matter in a 1vs1 it matters a lot. Aka kiting vs sram range kiting vs brawling.

Check the killboards of your enemies and see what they use, think about it why they use it and if it makes sense.


To solve the income issue, you should try out faction warfare, a way to make ISK while getting sweet PvP content. Some people can make upwards to 60m/hr while capturing points, waiting for a fight. In a frigate!

For solo fights, T2 makes all the difference.

However, if you get a gang of buddies, you can kill 100x your value with just meta-fit ships.


You absolutely can learn something with T1 fitted frigates. I would agree with the above poster that meta modules are more effective, easier to fit and usually roughly equivalent in price to straight T1.

The main thing is just to have a fit that makes sense and some kind of plan for how you want to fly it. Even underpowered modules will work in a lot of situations if you are playing to the strengths of your ship and following a rational strategy.


You’ll learn something most people underestimate.

  1. You’ll learn to accept death, just like other sides of EVE learn to accept taxes. Cuz that’s EVE, death & taxes.

  2. You’ll learn to die quietly.

  3. You’re learn to learn from dying.

Now this may sound silly, but risk aversion as well as reactive thinking are two of the biggest stumbling blocks. Get over these things, and it gets a lot easier to gain situational awareness, figure out OODA Loops on the fly and so forth.

If I can make a recommendation, don’t do militia. Join Red versus Blue, if need be with your own Alpha. Interact, build up experience, it’s a very good and friendly place where people take care of each other. You’ll be surprised.

After that, consider joining Spectre Fleet operations. Fun environment, NPSI (Not Purple Shoot It), to take matters above the 1 on 1 or low level engagements and to have fun with setting targets and meeting conditions. Not to mention their training sessions are top notch.

Seperate feeding from killing. This is one of the biggest reasons why you were born schizofrenic in New Eden :slight_smile: Feed with one character, build / explore / kill / conquer / and so forth with the other. Keep that relation just to yourself.


Definitely. Most of the meta modules are not that far behind T2, especially with faction ammo. And piloting/ overheating counts more.
It sort of forces you into more OH and paying attention to compensate for inferior skills/ gear. If you get any kills with the trash ship, there is a high chance you gonna be very good later on.


You will learn. I loved PvP frigates when I was learning (a long long time ago). Butl ike someone said the T2 variants are often cheaper but have higher fitting requirements on learning.

I would highly recommend that you search for R-V-B (red vs blue). This is a terrific place to start learning pvp. They even have ship replacement programs (or they did when i was there).

They are based in hisec.

When I was there a few times there were some really good pilots.

This. I was going to post but this is a lot of the important stuff.

I am chairman of Red vs Blue. We focus on cheap easy pew pew. Our members learn through doing and dying, and we can definitely help you learn and grow, whether on an alt or main, alpha or omega.

The keys in my mind are seeking growth and maximizing fun. Both should coincide with a growing wallet and SP that both support your PvP habit.

I would also offer the same advice on NPSI. Try “NPSI Hub” in game, its a channel that links popular NPSI channels.

Otherwise you can stil join a null or low sec pirate bloc. They offer less personal attachment but come with tons of ISK and content. So if you want the personal feel, a smaller group, and a core focus, come to RvB, if you want more generic opportunities and support, there are other groups out there that do well. Can’t go without mentioning Eve University as well.

Send me a PM if you have questions on anything. Im actually running a focused training group today if you are keen on getting straight to some learning with real life practice as well.


I’ve been able to fly far more than T1 frigs for a long time, though before I left for Signal Cartel I would fly a T2 fit Condor (T1 frig) 90% of the time. I ■■■■■■■ love that ■■■■. You learn a huge amount since you’re very squishy and easy to kill, so you need to learn the mechanics properly to survive and even kill much larger stuff.


Yes maybe

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Thats how i unlearned everything i had wrong about pvp. I took a stack of merlins plus fittings to Tama station and before i went through that stack i was killing rifters pretty steadily and back then the rifter was king. I guarantee you if you throw enough ■■■■ at the wall, something will stick.


If you’re not using T2 guns and ammo you’re wasting your time. Meta scram web prop is no problem.

Good luck getting T1 frig fights though, most people these days are in worms and comets.

Buy plex, fit 200 T1 frigates with T1 fittings. Train and learn.

Trying to learn pvp flying solo is the most absurd thing you can imagine.

Nope, I did it

This is the most used excuse for very bad pilots. I do know that Phaade is amongst the better pilots.
I went from leveling my Raven to solo pvp in nullsec over night. Yes it is hard but very rewarding.
The only downside is, you lose ships more often. But beating up a small gang or making six people in HACs leave the grid because you outnumber them with one boat gives your name a real meaning.

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Hah what a load of total B$ :joy:

Many of those pilots that solo bs or bling fits, do so with one or more alts as scouts. It’s the only way to avoid unnecessary losses to camps or traps.

I broke into pvp solo and small gang. Doing solo is easier to identify where the mistakes were made.

Learnt most of my pvp days in a t1 fitted Rifter, I would recommend new players get into small gang warfare and try out utility ships though such as a maulus etc…

Learning to support in this game and using utility is far more important then being a damage dealer.

I recommend RvB but do not recommend EvE Uni, at least not the Syndicate campus. I’m sure they have very good campuses in other parts of New Eden though. Very nice group of people, but it is hard to get them to fight unless they have the ability to outnumber you greatly. In my opinion you don’t learn much from that kind of PvP.

Definitely RvB for learning the basics of the peeveepees. After that, if you like smaller scale fights, find a good pirate corp or group of low sec pilots to fine tune your skills. When flying like that you have to learn how to assess your opponents capabilities quickly and learn all the dirty tricks, like separating specific targets from a group, or getting out alive from under a blob.

Fly dangerously friend

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