Command burst timer

What’s the longest duration I can achieve on command burst and what do I need for it?

Someone who actually fleets up and uses the things will have to tell you how long it works, but that depends on your skills, your ship and your implants.

It’s used for boosting a fleet with bonuses depending on which particular burst you use. The bonuses are nothing to sneeze at, can be over 20% with max skills, so if you don’t bring it to a fight where the other side does you’re at a serious disadvantage. So a shield-tanked fleet would probably like someone giving shield command bursts, a mining fleet mining bursts and so on. Multiboxing miners probably have one ship set up to boost the others.

It is also worth noting that you don’t have to be in a fleet to be able to apply bursts to yourself.

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63% mining yield bonus with a max skill mindlink orca.

It’s somewhat about 2 minutes.

I don’t think you spelled rorqual correctly.

the max boost an orca can give is like 41% ish
with max duration skills it’s like 2:15

41% is the reduction in cycle time.
the bonus in yield is thus 100/(100-41)= ×1.69 = +69%

edit : I got -40.4% time so it’s actually +67.8% yield


Miners get more link power than my fellow warfare ones. A command ship with maximum skills and a mindlink only gets 21-ish % boosts.

well duh. the ramifications for killing players are much higher than for killing asteroids :wink:

You don’t always kill the player. But you may succeed in blowing up their boat. Cruisers and up don’t always get to pod after that.

More dictors.

You do know, I am usually by myself, right?

It is a very foreign concept, one character flying one ship at any given time, not suffering from dissociative identity disorder or trying to break the “suggestions” of physics.

Shrug… solo play in a massively multiplayer game. It’s not WRONG, obviously… but… make friends with a dictor pilot and you’ll kill the pods.

Or start using a HIC. Or use some smartbombs.

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