Blue Periodic 'Pulses' from Orcas?

While mining recently I saw several Orcas, Skiffs, etc. in same site and the Orcas were sending out a ‘Pulse’ of some sort periodically (on my screen it appeared light blue)…what were they doing?

Thank you for your time and assistance.


Most likely a mining boost for the nearby ships.


Yep, Command Burst to help the other ships in the fleet with their mining.

There are 3 mining related command burst charges:

  1. Mining Equipment Preservation Charge: increases the life of mining crystals
  2. Mining Laser Field Enhancement Charge: increases range of mining lasers and harvesters
  3. Mining Laser Optimization Charge: decreases the cycle time and reduces capacitor requirements

Using them just makes mining faster and increases the ISK/hr.


The also can ‘boost’ other ship performance other than mining. For example, the Orca probably is also boosting the shields of the ships in its fleet when those pulses appear.

Here are all the types of command bursts available to fleets:

Thank you for the replies and information.

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What a wonderful opportunity! You have spotted a wild Orca performing his species’ mating ritual in his natural habitat! Oh, the marvellous wonders of nature…


Now observe as the predatory Machariel uncloaks to drive the wild Orca infestation from it’s feeding grounds…


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