Multiple Orcas at one location

Orcas and Roq are so huge and unyielding such that multiples of them incur penalties to everyone inside the location. 2 orcas/roq -25% 3 orcas/roq -50% etc. I mean the penalties are applied to mining.

Can you give a legitimate gameplay reason for this change and not just your fanfiction lore idea?

Orcas and Roq were intended to be the center piece. Now, everyone just pilots a orca or a roq. Fleet mining is kind of a joke. This would bring back fleet mining instead of everyone being in a Roq or Orca.

Dumb as hell. And don’t change this ship from solo miner to support ship. Also, ccp already announced (in live stream) that they will do changes to orca

When? I’d like to see this stream

Do you have a source for this claim?

Yeah, and everyone can fly Titans and Supercarriers too. What’s your point?

Why do we need to bring back fleet mining? Just because you feel like something is a joke?

If this was disruption to the Orca boosting a fleet because of interference from other boosting ships - would it be using lore/eve science similar to how the target breaker module works?

Edit - Maybe but not just for proximity of other orcas

So the whole idea of having multiple orcas for shield reps in hostile space gets punished?
And people then winder why miners only mine in safe space…

You cant broadcast shields in a battle cruiser running protection for the fleet? Someone got lazy and doesnt want to change. These forums are full of people that want no change. They are 1000% against any change. These veterans are suffocating the game. I am glad CCP doesn’t listen to you guys. Im glad they are changing ores. I am glad they are willing to shake things up.

God forbid you have to have a battle cruiser present to protect the fleet. Lazy…

Shield reps aren’t command burst.
Next time you enter your ranting rage. At lest read what others are saying.

The whole point of the Orca was so that people could be not useless 99% of the time.
Escorts are just not a thing because they sit there idle wasting time, The Orca allows you to mine while not needed as an escort, and then switch to DPS drones and activate shield reps when an escort is needed, based on fit obviously.
CCP are trying to move away from the AFK alt type of gameplay and onto people actively participating. The ability of the Orca to be fit for several different roles in a mining fleet is part of this.

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sure why not, would give me a reason to dust off some accounts and show what 20 super tanked skiffs can do boosted…hint: a hellva lot faster and more devastating than an orca fleet.

Just add mining and astrogeology to the skill requirements to fly one.

As it is right now, skilling into an orca is faster than an exhumer, which is pretty dumb, but if a player has spent their time skilling into a bigger and bulkier ship, then they deserve the benefits it gives.

People mine in orcas because it’s safer and need low management, but you can still be griefed by some random guy coming to shoot down your drones, or bump you away.

There’s no need for a new “mechanic” just because you have a problem with someone else making more money than you with less effort, or because you can’t easily blow them up without putting a good effort. :slight_smile:

As a miner, Orca’s are less effective than exhumers, so what’s the issue?

Okay, nevermind.

Did the counting properly and to have an effective mining Orca rivaling a Skiff or Machinaw needs a lot more training, and the expensive mining drones on top of that.

Here’s the training requirements list btw:

-Mining Orca
Industrial Command Ship V 2.048.000
Drone Interfacing V 1.280.000
Drones V 256.000
Mining Drone Operation V 512.000
Mining Drone Specialization V 1.280.000
Mining Foreman V 512.000
Spaceship Command V 256.000

-Mining Exhumer
Mining Barge V 1.024.000
Industry V 256.000
Mining V 256.000
Astrogeology V 768.000
Exhumers V 1.280.000

I’ll probably get one myself later down the line, just for the convenience of mining on trash asteroid yield day. :smiley:

And you aren’t counting boosts on the exhumers there either.

So not wanting to watch a 80min video of nerds talking what was the proposed changes to orca’s?