Orcas should never have been turned into mining vessels

I argued long back against turning Orca’s into mining vessels. They are essentially of procurer yield, with huge tank. All the while having an ore hold capacity of nearly 200k m3 - enough to fully mine out roids and fill the cargo after 1-2 hours of not even playing, just being afk.

This is the consequence:

Yes, that’s 20 orcas, all belong to one guy. He sets the orcas to mine and then goes afk until the anom is finished. It’s clearly broken gameplay. This is a consequence of allowing a mining ship to have an ore bay of nearly 200k.


What’s broken about this?

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The ability to afk mine out an entire anomaly?

You can do this normally with regular barges or Rorquals in nullsec. What’s broken about it? Are you not allowed to mine out a whole anomaly?

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Which barge is it then that allows you to warp into an anomaly, set mining, go afk for 1-2 hours without being attended at all, having collected all of the material in the anomaly?

Largest barge ore hold is 35k. That’s a mackinkaw. Good luck if you try and afk mine in those all day. Come back to a fleet of pods or worse.

You can set enough Retrievers on all of the rocks in an anomaly and go afk, come back and see that all the rocks are done.

Also, Orcas require you to lock an new rock and assign drones to mine it.

Are you saying going afk is broken? I don’t see what is actually “broken” about this.

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It would take about 6 -7 barges per asteroid to do that. I think you’d need about 100 barges to do it. Funny that nobody does this.

Probably because Orcas are much more efficient.

You can easily use a spoon to dig a ditch, but most people would just use a shovel.

You still haven’t answered the question, what’s broken about this?

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Shoot the Orcas and the problem is solved.


So do you think when CCP redesigned the Orca to be a useful fleet mining ship, they intended for players to get 20 orcas, set 1 orca per roid, and then go out for 2 hours, coming back to a completed anomaly’s worth of rocks for zero effort.

I doubt CCP intended for that. Therefore it’s broken.

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Yeah. I don’t see why not.

Why do you think CCP did not intend for this? Do you have proof? Does it say somewhere that CCP doesn’t want you to log in 29+ Orca alts?

This just seems like your feelings are hurt because someone is better at the game than you.


Ok let’s all pretend your idea is the most likely scenario. That when CCP redesigned Orcas to be good mining fleet command ships, they really hoped that players would multibox 20 orcas to mine out entire anomaly’s afk. Seems legit.

Whether CCP hopes something or not doesn’t make a thing broken. It is legit because someone is actually doing it.

You’re just mad that someone else is better at the game than you, and instead of getting better to compete with him, you’re just throwing around empty accusations of something being “broken” because your feelings are hurt.

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Orca - Rorqual are support ship they shouldn’t be able to mine. For exactly the same reason CCP FIXED the Carriers from being haulers.


So by your definition any time someone exploits or does something in a way the developers did not intend, it’s legit because they are doing it.


First tell me where multiboxing Orcas is an “exploit”. Then tell me where CCP did not intend for people to multibox Orcas.

If you can’t answer those, then you have no argument. Stop wasting my time if your hurt feelings.


Grow some balls. Get CODE on the line, and have at it. As for tank, I don’t have a clue on those orcas so it is insanely difficult.

What did I miss?

Nothing stops you but your own fear from shooting. But you seems to be scared.

And by your logic, battlecruisers should not fit guns excluding the Assault BC with BS guns…cause you know they can fit booster modules. So, yeah…when does one ship do something but another cannot? One mines with drones and boosts, the other shoots guns and boots.


You’re the one who claims that if someone is doing something that wasn’t intended, that makes it legit. Which makes no sense by the way.

OP didn’t bother

I’ve found your scumsucker.

He is in the Teonusude system,

.6 system

They are all in the same corp, at least the 5 I checked. Can’t wardec though.


I have some sympathy for the OP’s reaction, as if I was flying around and saw anyone AFK/multi-boxing 20 miners, sucking asteroid fields dry, my gut reaction would be “that’s bad gameplay/game design”.

But if you look at it, well, they’re Orca’s, so he’s obviously subbing or more likely plexing those accounts. He’s generating income for CCP one way or the other. He’s supporting the economy through raw materials, and reducing prices (good for buyers, not so good for sellers). He’s providing a target to anybody who wants to come along and start nuking him.

So, as said, if you are going to call this ‘broken’ you have to say why it is broken. It may well be, but if you can’t point to a specific effect on the game and say “this is bad for the game for this reason” then it’s not really ‘broken’, it’s just unusual and weird looking and not the way you would choose to play.

Now, if he’s botting, or RMTing, rather than AFK mining, you’ve got something to talk about. Report it and let CCP figure out if he’s in need of a ban or not.