Orca Command Boost With Core

If an Orca with max skills on a pilot uses mining foreman burst IIs with an Industrial Core I, how much boost is given to each of the boosts?

Just look it up in Pyfa… arg the charge stats just say how much M3 it uses not what the boost is.

OK let’s see, mining crystal volatility is -15%
Range bonus it gives to the barges is 40%
Duration change is -15%.

Mining foreman II gives an extra 25% boost of strength. So that’s multiply by 1.25. Mining director V gives a 50%, so that’s a 1.50 multiplier. Industrial command V on an Orca gives 45% boost in strength and duration so that’s a 1.45 multiplier. Industrial core gives an extra 10% bonus.

So the reduction in crystal volatility is -44.8%, range boost is 119.6%, and cycle time change is -44.8%.


So you have Pyfa.

If you make a boost Orca fit and a fit for a mining ship you’re going to boost (Procurer, Hulk, whatever), you can drag the Orca fit to the ‘Command’ tab at the bottom of the mining ship.

This will show you exactly how your mining stats would be with Orca boosts. Turn on and off the Orca in the command tab to compare the stats.

Oh thanks. I thought the mining core and skills would modify the command burst charge just like how they modify the charge stats of the missiles.

And the end result is… a change from the strip miner duration of from 180s to 116s which is very good but that’s a 35% reduction in cycle duration. Wait, what?

I believe pyfra over my own calculation, so what when wrong with mine?

Maybe take a look at the example calculations here:


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