Maximum mining foreman boost?

Hi guys,

I’ve been trying to max out my mining boost. So far I’ve gotten up to 37,3% - obviously need to train industrial command ships to level 5.
This is with the Mindlink installed.

Is there anything else I can do to futher increase mining yield or have I hit the max?



Depends on what ship you’re using. You use an Orca or Rorq?

Orca. :slight_smile:

Industrial Command ship skill to V would help finish that off. If you can use a Mining Foreman Mindlink, then you have those skills to V in regards to the boosteses, so use tech II boosteses and there you have it

Isn’t there a mining Foreman skill then a mining Director skill?

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I have a bit over 41% in cycle time and a bit over 70% in range boost with the orca. I am not at home, so i cannot tell you the exact data.

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