What is the maximum boost that can come from an orca?

Does anyone know what the maximum boost that can be offered to a fleet in high sec is currently (Sept 2022) ?

I have heard of upto 67% but can not seem to get to that…

any advice as to skills, fittings, implants much appreciated ?

thanks in advance

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Not sure about specific skills, but if you have the relevant skills to 5 and you have:

  • Orca
  • Mining Foreman Mindlink (or the much more expensive ORE mindlink in case you also want to give bonused shield bursts)
  • T2 Mining foreman burst (with mining laser optimization charges)

Combined these give me a -46.5% mining module duration and capacitor bonus when simulating in Pyfa, which I think is the best you can get an Orca.

-46.5% cycle duration on your mining modules means the duration of the boosted mining modules is almost cut in half. The yield is increased by a factor 1/(1-0.465) = 1.869.

In other words, a 87% increase in yield. Not bad.

(67% was the old increase from before the mining changes end of 2021, if I recall correctly. It seems that got buffed when the subcapital industrial cores were introduced.)



Without the siege it’s only -40.4 so +67.8 %


Fantastic, thank you.

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