Has mining foreman skill bonus been modified?


just get back from afk, found there releases the new industrial command Porpoise.

I am a miner in Mackinaw, as I recall used to get 2 or 3km range bonus with mining foreman skills even two barges fleet up, that is why I trained the skill, but today, after a fleeting up I found there the bonus is gone, I still have the skill on me, but looks like I have to sit in a command ships instead, also get duration bonus instead?

or is it my wrong memory?


No it isn’t. CCP have removed off grid boosts. Boosting ships now have to be on grid as the boost themselves have a range now.

At the same time as CCP made this change they removed all the passive gains you used to get simply for having the skills trained.

rgr, Thanks, m8.




cool, this is exactly what I am looking for the all day o7


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