When to use the industrial core on the orca

the new industrial core for the orca, is it meant to be run all the time while boosting mining, or only for defence when being attacked
i have found that mining boost to barges are the same, with the core running or not.

It strengthens the boost too, also giving your mining yield on the drones back. So I would use it all the time.

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thanks for the reply, does it only boost shields as i tested the mining foreman boosts, and it made no difference to the range or speed of the mining.
the other thing i found was that the core II would exhaust the fuel bay before i could fill the mining bay, using a hulk and type B crystals

Do you mean does the Core increase the boost you give to other ship? Yes it does, not by a lot but still something that worth it in my opinion. Be careful, I tested it and you need to wait sometime 2 to 3 minutes to see the variation on the tooltips.

I tested the foreman boost without the core, waited 5 minutes and activated the core. Like I said, the stats will update some time a good 2 minutes later, depending on you cycle.

This is affected by your level of Industrial Reconfiguration skill.

50 units less per level, so at level 5 you’ll almost double the duration you can run the module.

Well I think the idea was to have a “fleet” to boost. ‘A hulk’ does not equal ‘A fleet’. That said skill will play a big part in this too as mentioned. With 2 hulks I burn maybe a quarter tank per haul.

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