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I wanted to pitch an idea I had regarding the duration of certain modules. Namely the Command Burst modules is what originally brought me to think of this however it can be potentially applied to any active module in the game. Depending on skill and ship I’ve encountered several situations where the duration of the module putting out the bonus is much shorter than the actual duration of the bonus itself. I would love to see some mechanic introduced that would allow capsuleers to tweak their burst modules so they are slower than normal, which would reduce the wasted time between cycles of the burst module and the remaining time on the bonus.

This could be implemented in a number of ways.

First one that I can see is just giving this option to specific modules (Burst modules, to name one), perhaps just giving the Tech 2 versions some sort of duration modifier that players could choose from. (Ex: Tech 2 could have a 25% variable duration modifier which would allow players to choose between 0 and 25% increased duration on that specific module)

Second option I can see would be a new module. some sort of cycle limiter or Governor that when equipped would allow specific modules ( or all modules on that ship) to be set between 0 and X% increased duration depending on the meta of that governor module)

Finally, a new skill could be implemented that would allow for module duration to be set between a certain scale ( say the basic skill gives 5% per level to a max of 25% so at level 5 pilots can choose anywhere between 0 - 25% slower cycle time on all effected modules, the advanced skill could give an additional 5 - 25% duration slow so at level 5 on both skills players could set a module to 0 to 50% slower duration)

Note: anything that could be considered way to broken to increase the duration of (Ex: Industry cores, Siege cores, triage cores, Hardeners, etc) could be given a “Not effected by duration modifiers” to exclude them from being altered from their original duration

I hope this idea will be considered and implemented it in a future release of the game. Thank you for reading and any comments regarding this suggestion.

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The module duration of shorter on purpose.

Fully agree on duration modifiers. Especially for command bursts, the only use of getting more duration for the bonus is if fleet members fly off out of range or if you die. Even then, a 50% increased duration won’t keep the bonus up that much longer for your fleet. At least if the cycle time of the module also increased, you could be saving charges.

The Fleet Support skills for duration and reload time are quite useless and that’s 5 skills out of 15 in the tree. Although I definitely agree with the revamp for on-grid boosting, I wish we still had the passive boosts from the actual leadership skills, put range on the intro boost skills and had the command burst specialist skill affect duration of both boost and module.

I thought the bonus on the duration was to enable really determined players to spew out two forms of links out of the one module.

Ultimately, if you’re upset about wasting burst charges then disable auto-repeat and manage the module manually.

I guess with the reload skill and duration, maybe you can do that, but jeez…

I guess one could do that, yeah

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