TiDi Ideas

random thought, whenever Tidi is a serious factor in nullsec, perhaps any wrecks, loot or abandoned drones instead of sitting on grid and having timers in the background for despawning adding to server stress and such, perhaps they could just go to a single loot chest (perhaps at the sun) to help clean up assets on grid.

Personally what I think would be cool is some kind Abyssal weapon implemented into fleet fights, similar in principle to how Abyssal space collapses and your ship and pod get popped. my mind is thinking some low impact burst module, you could scale it so that way the smaller the asset the easier it is to pop and the larger more expensive ships like capitals and titans are much much more resilient or even immune to this effect similar to EWAR effects.

the idea being depending on what you’re flying it gets popped after a certain amount of time, failing that but sticking to the burst module concept, a burst module perhaps with debuff effects, slower weapons timers, lowering dps and lowering drone bandwidth for all ships, this way it draws out the fight and lowers the assets on grid easing the server stress. throw in the war chest at the sun with an auto clean up feature to the mix.

other aspects could be to turn off animations for things like planetary rotations, removing asteroid belts and combat signatures, shutting down local, disabling gates, this way as assets are reduced and people get podded, factoring in the war chest at the sun idea its all collected and stored for the victor of the battle and the only way back in would be to bridge from a titan to a cyno / black ops and creates a stable supply of people jumping in over a good few hours. I think the debuff command bursts COULD be the way forward as even though it effects each player on grid it ultimately will ease up how much data the player clients are throwing into the server for dps, weapon cycles and drones and whatever else might be a factor such as movement speed, like everyone in a range, it doesn’t stop the calculations but it nerfs them substantially. meaning it would come down to the skill of the FC to win the fight.

just throwing stuff out there for thought and ideas, maybe something will happen with it, perhaps it won’t.

thanks for reading o7

Additional Thought, perhaps there could be an variable factor of N+1 used for weapon and repair cycles.

typically a ship will have the same weapons and ammo, usually stacked (not sure if you can stack smart bombs)

basically don’t change damage but when a large number of people are in system for big fleet fights such as WW Chappy, WWB1 & WWB2 and other such cases, but create a variable drag factor for people to cycle through their weapons, the idea is that weapons taking longer to shoot for big fights would keep the game running at normal speed, given we’re building up to the reappearance of warclones i figured something like this might be a consider this would mean warclones would become huge factors in big fleet fights, both server wise and for tactical game play.

hopefully this idea would mean running a fleet in real time, reducing server lag but drawing out the fight by X amount of time and X is a variable factor, if it were to be considered you’d have to find the minimal bench mark for TiDi being implemented in servers and build the X factor from there. I honestly have no idea how something like this would even play out or effect people on grid, however I figured it might be something to possibly look at. i shall leave this post here as tribute to the server gods.

prevent server tanking by making all smart bombs omega use only.

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