Cyber warefare (a concept to help with TiDi)

Hello again everyone, so this thread is going to be about the concepts of cyberware fare.

for the last few days i’ve been rattling my brains trying to see if i can come up with a way to help ease TiDi in systems. this is the concept of what i have come up with, but first, some information for those who don’t know about TiDi.

so for those who don’t know how the hardware for the CCP servers works i will do my best to explain what i have uncovered during my research.

the short version is this: each solar system in game is run on a Node and each region is a cluster of nodes.

TiDi occurs when too many people in a single system trying to do stuff.
TiDi was bought in because a long time ago, peoples clients would crash out and the first people to log back in, would win the fight basically.

so now thats done, back to the plot!

my idea here is to create a form of cyber warefare in the game by having attackers use a form of “cyber siege module” against TCU’s in an enemy sov (in my mind, you must be at war with these people to do this)

instead of bundling everyone into one system, you could now have longer drawn out small to medium gang sized battles happening at various TCU’s across a constellation or region.

in my mind, i can see this cyber siege working in a few different ways.

first of all, the attackers when the siege begins will over the next 15 - 30 minutes slowly effect the gates into the system, meaning it becomes progressively harder to get your own defending ships in there.

smart bombs and cynos from attacking forces at disabled.

defenders are limited to how many can jump into the system via a cyno.
in my mind the reason behind this is simply access control to not over stress the node but also to draw out the battle’s length.

HOWEVER the number of defenders who can be cyno’d in will get incrementally bigger, meaning the defenders can actually bring an escalating force to the party.

in my mind i have this concept of an attacker who is sieged into the TCU will be able to transmit a some kind of cyber pulse into either their system or a system of one of their fleet mates.

if 5 systems are currently being sieged, anyone who is using the siege module can “request cyber support” or “transmit cyber support”

my inspiration for this actual comes from crypto currencies how you have a QR code to either send or recieve cryptocurrency. i also took inspiration from this from the old orbital strikes in Dust514 which i believe required you to send a code to a player in eve who would input it into the orbital bombardment computer they would have, allowing them to fire upon a target on the planet’s surface.

by transmitting or questing cyber support my thinking is that you create a system wide effect which is powered by the number of people currently sieging, given each location then becomes a battle field you could still have a crushing victory over a key stategic enemy system without having thousands of players in the same system. you would LITERALLY distribute the load across the server cluster.

the idea is that the TCU becomes a central battle point similar to FPS military games for Domination. maybe it will automatically or require defenders to cyber hack the same TCU back (i’ll honestly leave that to the devs) you could theoretically use some exisiting assets from faction warfare or even the triglavian invasion “system control” stuff to measure and scale this as ultimately this concept works in two parts

  1. on grid, drawn out battle for dominance
  2. creating a way to transmit support and some form of weather effect against defending enemies.

in my mind it would be a really cool thing to do to have battle for territory this way and would mean that even in sov null alliances would still be required to declare war on each other, i just think it would be cool, but i don’t know much about the combat side of the game.

this is just a concept i have though, to help dispurse the players and still have the battles they have in ajacent systems or in different areas of the region be tactically applicable to a key and focal staging system.

any thoughts from anyone?


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