What happened to the EVE Aether War tests and battle against TIDI?

Hello CCP I have not heard anything about the battle against TIDI for a few years now from you and your Dev’s, has anything been progressing or is the battle on the back-burner?

Tidi is a solution, not a problem. If you find yourself in tidi very often then get rid of a bunch of your fake friends and learn to stand on your own two feet more.

I’ve never heard them say that the aether tests were to fix tidi. They were testing to get more ppl on one grid

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There was an update late last year (or early this?) where they’d managed to fix some memory issues, aiming to get more people on grid - and therefore, more people in system before TiDi kicks in.

I’m sure someone with greater nullbloc experience than I could comment more substantively, but in my experience there do seem to have been improvements in both areas over the last little bit. Certainly I’ve been on grid with 1000 players in system without any TiDi at all, which seems better? Maybe? Maybe not?

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@Brisc_Rubal may be able to offer some insight on this

The real question is what happened to getting logi on kill mails. Last we heard they were just about ready to get that done.

This was close to a decade ago

Maybe they only need this card to eliminate TIDI.

Well, the company behind the tests, Hadean doesn’t seem to be doing much, their blog page doesn’t list anything and appears broken

So i’m guessing not a lot is happening with them at this point

I think Burger said these Hadean experiments were more about exploring long term possibilities for EvE, sort of like a collaborative brainstorming session.

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If I had a chance to work with a small group of innovative people working on one of the most unique video games ever created, I’d probably scrap that in a sec for carpal tunnel in a AAA nightmare mill chasing Call of Duty…


More importantly: player numbers down + restricting unbridled income + limiting viability of large scale cap fights = less need for big investments into future server performance.

Ironically it seems CCP are chasing that dragon

They make improvements to the game all the time - Aethyr Wars was a tech demo by a non-CCP company that used CCP assets to get people to take part. Nobody should be expecting that stuff any time soon.


Video game networking is a horrible horrible thing - situations like this need the whole game format designed around area of relevance (so you can identify what information needs to be sent higher priority or higher precision and what you can get away with updating less often or with less precision), the use of delta compression to reduce or eliminate sending or receiving unnecessary data. optimising data access/retrieval on the server end which often means stepping away from industry standards to fine tune on a case by case basis, etc.

Some optimisations would only be possible by basically ground up rewriting the whole game to ensure the data is laid out in as optimal format as possible for transversal and eliminate unnecessary high frequency hard to predict changes.

And that is before you even consider things like parallelisation and farming out work for a server update.

These days not even AAA studios attract people with that kind of talent, in fact people with those skills tend to avoid companies which operate like many big name publishers/studios do today.

I understand. Nobody should be expecting any improvement in fleet battles soon.

What is going on? Did they completely abandoned the goal of making the servers and the game faster when big numbers are showing?

We’ve seen massive improvement over the last few years in big battles. M2 armor timer is a perfect example of that - broke the world record in a fight where everything worked and the servers stayed up. Things are way better than they used to be.

Like I said, they’ve been making good progress on this and continue to do so. Where things break down is where we always bring more people.


Should be the case that you are not able to bring enough people to break things.

So you want it gated then? 10k in one system. if CCP says 9,999 pilots can fight in a single system without crashing, you for damn well another 2k or more will still push to get in, and cause it to crash. so why make that statement…

No, I mean they should not be able to bring enough people without any limits in place.

100 000 people for example. Goal should be more than current concurrent player record.

It is nice to see you @Brisc_Rubal investing some time here as a CSM member. Thanks for your reply. I would like an update from CCP. They used to be involved quite a lot with the community. That is what set Eve apart from other games. Where is the roadmap on getting out of TIDI? Being silent on the issue is not a way forward.