@CCP TIDI Eve Server Hardware


is there any plan that eve will be playable in the advertised big battles in a sandbox without having 5 to 10min tidi?

i dont know if this ist still accurate

nor do i know on which side the problem is caused, network, cpu or disks but aren’t now with amd epyc, the intels pcie datacenter ssds not enough possibilites to reduce the tidi?

i mean it would be awesome to just have 20% tidi and modules kinda working instead of 10%+++ tidi and nothing seem to work.

For me as a player participating in a battle like yesterday/today with 6k players its kinda turning me off since it doenst make fun to think “oh a big fight is comming, i take 2 days off work since i know it will take a 15 hour lag fight with ship modules and carrier not reacting and seeing the outstanding calls monitor hanging itself”.

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Yes, it’s planned for the day after players stop deliberately shoving as many players as physically possible into the same node in order to break the server.

the purpose was not to destroy the server but to fight for a region, thats different :wink:


Every time CCP gets better hardware, us players shove more people into a single fight and the same issues are back. There is no server-hardware available that CCP could realistically get their hands on that could survive the load we players cause to the server.

thats the question if there is really no hardware available or is just another bottleneck which causes it.

tickrate, code, hardware, whatever… more standby hardware for reinforcement… thats the question

Eve was made in the time when CPU clock-speeds were getting higher and higher. It was designed to take full advantage of that. Now that the speeds aren’t improving, CCP has to figure out other ways to get more performance. The main physics-simulation runs on one thread and everything has to happen in order, so splitting that up would be a huge nightmare. That is the cause of the issue.

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well there is that new server that CCP was testing a few times to get over 10k pilots in. The Aether Wars

ya and aether wars is over 1 1/2 years ago =/

Aether wars was an entirely new engine, not a new server.
While it’s not impossible putting EVE into a new engine is an incredible piece of work.
Like… as long as making an MMO to start with generally.

ya would be nice to see ccp elaborating on this issue

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What issue exactly? The Aether wars was a test-run to see if it was possible to even think about moving to another game-engine and to distribute the load over multiple servers while having it all function together. It’s going to be years before we see anything about it again, and that is with a big IF.

still the question is what is the plan - if there is a plan - to handle tidi better and if the current hardware as mentioned above with intels enterprice ssd’s, epyc cpus and so forth would be an improvement

Again: You can upgrade the server and the players will cram more people into the fight, the TiDi is not going away. The only thing that helps the current Eve is higher clockspeeds on the CPU, but that isn’t happening any time soon.

Higher single core clock speed on the server?

isnt the server not able to be multicore and if able to handle multicore then a epyc processor would beat everything from the current xeons…

Eve was build at a time when CPU’s only had one core. When it was all about getting the higher clock-speeds. The main gameplay-simulation runs on a single thread to make sure that everything happens in the correct order. That is the bottleneck and getting around that is not easy.

still question to ccp whats the plan

The same as it’s been forever?
Split off cpu intensive processes where possible, use the best supernodes for scheduled fights, and try to develop mechanics that spread fights out.

And in the long-run, look for ways to get the main space-simulation split into multiple threads so it can be run in paralel (Aether wars being one of the tests for such a possibility)

The plan hasn’t changed since the first big fights broke the server.

Back when a big fight was 200 people.

In essence: TiDi is not going away until there is a major breakthrough in CPU-design to allow for much faster speeds or CCP recodes the entire game in such a way that it can be split into multiple cores and it will work without any problems. Neither of those are anywhere close to happening. Until then, you will be stuck with TiDi. The only thing that will change is how many players the servers can handle before it slows down to a crawl.