[Devblog] Tranquility Tech IV!

EVE Evolved extends to hardware, too. Check out the latest updates from he hardware team in the newest devblog: Tranquility Tech IV | EVE Online

If you have any comments or questions about the content, we’d love to hear it!



So will there be a chance for a silent auction of legacy hardware at FanFest…? :slight_smile:


I dont understand all in the blog, but great to see things being updated. Thanks for the info.


While I welcome the changes and improvements to the hardware, has there been any data gathered about how this has worked out for end users? From my experience I see a lot more chat disconnects now and the global search will often seem to stall for a long time before responding, and sometimes return no results at all.

Creating a contract also seems to take a long time now, although I am not sure if that is related.


I understood a few words in this.

You IT nerds are rubbing off on me.


Interesting changes. Not sure why CCP sticks with Intel but I have noticed that surprisingly big “surprise fights” work well (Last one was 2k+ and while TiDi was (nearly) maxed out everything worked perfectly).


However, what does this info means for the end user? , by splitting the atom we have made nuclear fission
It may well be all and dandy for the science academics on here but for the end user what does it mean?

Eve runs beautifully on my RTX 3060 and superfast broadband. Even in large battles it all runs very smoothly. So…thanks to all the devs for making that possible.


I am with Brisc! As a non-biter vet, Game plays better now than ever!


Awesome stuff!

As a, somewhat, side note: whenever I open the market window for the first time in a while it grinds the whole client to a halt for a few seconds. Is that a me issue, latency issue or a server issue? If a server issue would this new hardware remedy the problem?

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I’d like to say one thing…
Seeing this kind of devblog give me a hint about the type of capsuleer we have, like weirdo who love to know everything and complicated network and tech stuff…
And also the fact i’m exactly that type of capsuleer, and i’m really happy to read that and this “transparency” about the architecture.

Please, never stop that kind of stuff.


It’s funny that the first time I respond it will be because the Tech Junkie got the better of me. Honestly a chunk of what was being said was a little over my head, but overall I understood it and was quite fasinated by it all.

Thank you for pouring all the love into this game, both from a software stand point but also from a hardware standpoint as well. I am sure alll the IT engineers are breathing a bit better with these new shinnies and are quite proud of their baby. Nothing like a good refit to make everyone one smile.

Even though these are new, if one thing I know about an engineers is that their brains never turn off and are always trying to improve something. Beside zero downtime, what other Nerdy goodies do you have planned down the road? Any possibility we get an actual AI Co-pilot? Wink Wink.


Good to see some new info on this. But:

this includes Chat, Search, Image Server, a message bus with multiple gateways

And all of them regularly break down and cause all sorts of issues. Char portraits aren’t loading; chats still regularly throw disconnect fits and now started to kick chars out of chats at random; search regularly breaks down and becomes unresponsive, or doesn’t find even the simplest things. (all things reported as issues recently)

Good way to garner support for the new tech. :slight_smile:


there are no known issues in this game when CCP greats them as a figment of your imagination

Nice blog. While the overall upgrade of some of the older servers/nodes to more recent Xeon 10nm Icelike SP is a welcome upgrade from the (much) older Xeon models, I really would hope we don’t have to wait 2 or 3 years before we see you guys upgrading at least some servers / SOL nodes to some of the more modern AMD Epyc (zen 4) Genoa or - soon to be released - Xeon sapphire rapids series. Both manufacturers feature some (unlocked) SKUs that provide a significant (single threaded) performance uplift over the Xeon Icelike processors (and Zen 2 and zen 3 Epyc). Yes those 10mm Icelikes are a nice upgrade, but architecturally (and performance wise) they were already a bit outdated when they were released. Those newer AMD and Intel SKU would seem to me a very welcome upgrade for the biggest of fights (with trillions of ISK on grid/high stakes).


It was not specifically stated, but the article seemed to say that there are no longer “reinforced” nodes for fleet fights. Is that correct?

Good read.

Most of it is over my head. but i basically understand how it all works and all the upgrading that those pieces need through the years.

Its cool to see and read all the inner workings for a great game thats been a part of my life for the past 15 years.


No and perhaps yes. The deprecated hardware of TQ Tech III is headed for our other datacenter, where test servers are hosted. Ultimately then some of the hardware that will be deprecated there (which is then TQ Tech II or older) might get auctioned off.


We have verifiable metrics that the DB upgrade has worked well. We are still gathering data on the performance of the new solarsystem simulation hardware, it has only been a month and half in the cluster; but so far, so good.

Re. the issues you describe: Chat is not hosted in the London datacenter at all; rather it is in AWS Ireland and the EVE Client connects directly to it. Same goes for Search, and then Contracts rely on Search to look up types and characters. So these hardware upgrades would not have affected that one way or another. We are aware of some gnarly and difficult-to-repro issues with Search after we updated to the latest version of AWS’ OpenSearch but they are being looked at.


We looked at many options and these choices were the best ones. You will note from the database blog https://www.eveonline.com/news/view/a-history-of-eve-database-server-hardware that I linked in this devblog that we looked at AMD choices is great detail and tested them.