[Devblog] Tranquility Tech IV!

There are specific nodes that handle the mapping requests that are sent via https://community.eveonline.com/support/fleet-fight/ but those are (currently) running on the same type of hardware as the TQ Tech IV “rank-and-file” machines as those machines perform better than the dedicated hardware in TQ Tech III.

The benefit of sending in Fleet Fight Notifications is that the solarsystem will be isolated on their own node (like Jita is all the time) instead of being mixed with about 20-40 other solarsystems. Then in 1-3 years when we start upgrading again, then the fleet fight nodes will be moved to the best hardware each time.


Difficult to say without knowing more details. I just tested logging in and opening a non-Jita market and it opened in a subsecond and everything was very responsive as I clicked around. This could be client-side because it needs to process your orders to highlight them but could be something else. Does the client halt, does it spin up to 100% CPU, does it log while this is happening?


That my be redundant, but are you running a heartbeat on the cluster(s)?

I would guess you would but it is not required, though I imagine most server admins would sleep better.
Since you wrote that some services need M$ SQL, do some or most of the nodes run M$ reboot-server 2022?

The game cluster runs an intra-cluster heartbeat for all the nodes and then there are other tools that monitor the machines themselves, the operating system, and the SQL Server.

I’m not sure I understand the question; but all the machines run Windows Server as their operating system.


Helloo forum :grinning:
Improving, renewing and upgrading @CCP_Swift, thank you to all the devs for their work. I can’t wait to be logged in tomorrow!
Special warm thanks to @GM_Arbor for taking care of my ticket so quickly!
Love the game, thank you!

Fifie antsy

Did some of this come from the aether wars testing?

It’d be interesting to know the processing power of the original TQ hardware compared to the new - in some language that us luddites can understand (calculations per second or some other digestible metric). I guess it’s like night and day, so it would be cool to see just how much more powerful the backend is now compared to in 2003.

I feel like managing the server technology and IT back end of Eve has been somewhat of a strength for CCP over the years, I know we players like to push the limits and it’s a never ending arms race but from my perspective it seems like it’s something CCP have always been well on top of. So good job and long may that continue I guess :slight_smile:

Also definitely in for buying an old piece of TQ, would love that!


Infrastructure blogs make me salivate, I wish I had the budget to play around with stuff at this scale…

One thing I remember is rumblings of virtualisation in older dev blogs, is that still being used on Tech IV? I’d be interested to see how VMs are partitioned by use case, if at all, or whether it’s all on the metal and there’s some fancy resource monitoring going on and a management node allocates stuff based on prior resource usage to nodes that are available.

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We have a few test servers running windows/sql 2022 - all running fine at the moment, but I do recall hearing some issues with a windows patch causing reboot loops

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I love these posts. Thanks CCP for continuing them.

Who wrote this? I didn’t see a name on it.

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Until I read the notes I was afraid calling it “tech IV” meant you’d be trying to introduce a new ship line that needed more skill than a Legion…


Thanks for the post! I don’t pretend to understand all of it, but I did enough to find it really interesting.

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No character with the name “insert player name here” was found.

Great job! Keep up the good work!


My current negotiations with Ops have us at a new DB VM with 512GB of ram to start with. We’ll see how it goes from there :slight_smile:

They don’t generally like it when I start a convo haha

We do have several virtual db’s in production though and always looking to migrate away from bare metal where it makes sense (one of the new vm’s is a remote AlwaysOn read-replica)


So this is the Server of Theseus, then?


So im really interested to know are these upgrades ever going to remove tidi? Or are more fundamental issues (legacy code for example) at stake here.

I love and hate large fleet fights. After world war bee i was so scarred and im being serious of those utter horrible painful soul destroying fights in tidi that lasted for hours. I fly through sspace now and tidi even kicks in when youre not even near a fight. I absolutely dread jumping into a large fight now and im sorry but tidi or thinking tidi is a fix or solution juat simply isnt.
Every day tasks pretty much work fine and very well even when dual or multi boxing (although please fix dx12 because that just seems to crash the clients)

This seems the one true hill to conquer, if we can then this could be quite easily the most amazing feat in eves history. God we can only dream of large fleet fights and zero tidi… man id even accept 50%

There is only one VM in Tranquility proper, and that is a proxy for internal use only. Everything player-facing is running directly in top of hardware. We have tested using VMs for some of the smaller player-facing services and it worked fine run-time but we had issues starting the cluster since the nodes running on the VMs would lag behind the nodes running on hardware.

There are many VMs and pods running in the Tranquility Ecosystem, inside AWS. None of them existed at the time of Tranquility Tech III but have added since then, outside the simulation/game cluster.

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I wrote this with input from @CCP_DeNormalized and others.


Every time we have upgraded hardware or optimized software, then players have brought more pilots for the next fleet fight.



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