[RESOLVED] Unexpected Extended Downtime - 2023/11/15

Tranquility is having an unexpected extended downtime.
We are working towards getting today’s update deployed and will keep you updated both in this forum thread and over on status.eveonline.
Thank you for your patience.

Update 11:36 - Issue is resolved - Tranquility is online and accepting connections.


Sad to see Quality control is as bad as ever. Honestly expected this yesterday


Sad to see that some people just cannot accept a little extra downtime. the guys have just release what is possibly the largest impactful patch on the game. Have a little respect and patience


1DQ clone and market rollback taking some time, huh?

after 20 years I think patience has worn very thin


well in that case go find another game then. simples…


Ahh. You’re taking this time to reimplement the old ESC menu. Thank god.


you wish…

A lot of people have, and people still here only want EVE to be better. You telling people to leave, and accepting poor changes will only hurt this game.


move along…groupie

Hopefully hanger lag is fixed

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So it wasn’t only me who experiences item hangar lag.

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No one is keeping you

So true. Wishing for a downvote or thumbs down on the forum to help curb the doomsday hype.

I am simple. I have older machines that updated windows 7 and 8.1 respectfully to the free Windows 10. Should I be concerned? Long time ago I had a Window Vista machine that worked 3 years after support ended for Eve. Even though EVE said it would not work. I logged on just fine. (I Finally had to updated to windows 10 for EVE. The machine died 4 months later.) I am mildly surprised EVE has not made a deal with a computer maker to sell for a discount. GO DETROIT LIONS !!!

Apocrypha was a big, impactful patch. The idea that is one is one of the biggest most impactful just shows how far down expectations have fallen with the quality of the updates in recent years.

There’s a linux version for EVE, usualy old machines handle linux much better than the new windows with absurd requirements.

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go find another game then

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