Time Dilation Timer is a big problem

Hello, I’m a big fan of EVE Online, but the Time Dilation Timer is a nightmare, I love big fights but the “TDT” made the fights boring and stressful, can CCP do something with this?

They have already, by making it possible to field more characters in a system (brain in the box, for instance). TIDI would be bearable if the clients wouldn’t perform so abysmally. Even with a top-notch PC, I don’t get more than 2 FPS in potato mode in this kind of fight.

Tidi is their solution and there isn’t anything better they could really do. The main WOW factor of EVE are massive battles, which need a lot of server power. Optimally the server handling the fight and the code would be enough of a beast and optimized to easily swallow the whole fight without tidi. But better code is hard and costs, better servers cost too… so we are stuck with TIDI.

I remember older massive fights that crashed the server, and once (reds vs BoB, that infamous hit of the empty supercapital yard) CCP decided to simply limit the access to the system to several hundred participants from each side. These “solutions” were far worse than tidi.

Do you have some other solution? I have just “focus on making smaller gangs more viable than massive blobs”, but this is easy to say and nearly impossible to achieve and questionable if it is even desired.

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hmph, I remember reading once about a losec guy in the CalMil a long time ago.
He had gotten to where he could strategize and tactically move whole fleets around confusing and hampering enemy efforts to combat them.

Always keeping final targets secret till it was too late…maybe when that guy finally called it quits he wasnt really an FC anymore but a Sky Marshall.

Best solution…quit being lazy, get off your asses, and quit using Blob mechanics…but then real strategy takes some intelligence and patience…instead of this stupid brute force mentality that nullsec has evolved into.

TiDi is a fix… for unbalanced lag between players. If some of them are using CenturyLink’s modern version of Dial-up, and some of them are using Google Fiber, then some players will have significantly more or less lag than everyone else.

To even the odds, they use TiDi to introduce balanced amounts of lag for everyone involved.

Working as intended.

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You and I must have different opinions of top-notch. My computer is good, but nowhere near top-notch. I was getting far better than 2 fps on 2 different clients, both on 2 different monitors.

Only logical conclusion I can come up with, your computer isn’t nearly as good as you think it is. Or my computer is way better than I think it is.

Regardless, TiDi in general isn’t bad. In fact, I’d rather see it scale to 95% or higher, if it resolved glitchy client behaviour (targets not locking, modules not cycling, disconnecting from the server).

I’d consider a Ryzen 7 1700x, Radeon RX570 and 16GB ram top notch.

Does Tidi solve these issues, though? Especially module activation is really wonky with tidi because you cannot determine when the module click was registered, and clicking is sometimes less reliable than keyboard button pressing.

Consider back in the day, 100v100 would blackscreen.

With the introduction of TiDi, things happen slower yes, but they happen. Obviously, when you make it possible for more players to fight, more players will come and fight… so while TiDi certainly helps, we’ll still break it because we’ll keep shoving players into system until it can’t keep up even at 90%.

In the old days of yore, 4500 people in a system actually fighting (call it what you wish, an absolutely GLORIOUS number of things died) would be downright unheard of.

What part of “server side lag” don’t you guys get. You could have the most amazing computer known to mankind, but when you log into a system with 4,000 other players all trying to kill each other, the game is going to lag b/c the server is trying to handle all of you at once.

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