Time dilation

So I just wanted to make few questions about this mechanic.

1-Can it be reduced? Right now I feel when u get at 0.10 is kinda extrem in a 1hour-2 hour fight I might end up launchign only 40 missiles the expirience is not really enjoyable due to the extreme slow-

2-Doesn’t it make the problem worst? So I get that in it’s majority it’s beneficial but then… the issue as I understand it is: Lots of ships/player on the same sistem/zone= lots of calculations for the server=lag, but then by slowing the time down while u let the server process at the same time you’re making the fights extremly more longer in time and one thing is how long a ship survives, I understand that lags as players get destroyed gets reduced due to less calculations, but by making all the processes slower so does the destruction of players.

3- Is there no way to make fights not be 2 massive blobs facing each other but perhaps multiple fleet on the same sector fighting each other, perhaps more like 1 core and couple wings vs 1 core and couple wings thus not amassing such high numbers in the same spot and hopefully reducing the dilation?

1: new supercomputer level servers? Which would require massive $$$ investment?

2: before TiDi, you would just blackscreen from the soul crushing lag.

3: this was the intention of the current sov mechanics known as FozzieSov. It works for sov territory fights, after a fashion. It doesn’t work for major structure bash timers.

Yes, 10% tidi slugfests suck for all concerned. They favour the defender (structure timers continue to run in real time).

Not wanting to spend hours in tidi soup is one of several reasons i no longer fly for a null bloc.

EDIT: CCP does as good a job as they can to reinforce a system node when they know there’s going to be a big throwdown. But there are limits when 3k+ nerds are piling into one system to bash a keepstar or whore on a supercap fight.


Yeah but wouldn’t perhaps increase it with the current servers allowing for a faster destruction of a ship compensate? I’m just wondering about that factor the fact that you’re making ships stay longe rin that system which is the main source of the issue

TiDi is making the best of a bad situation. It’s not the ideal. Given that even mid sized fights in EVE involve the kinds of player numbers that no other game can even begin to approach, it’s a workable solution.

I think it’s things like drones, smartbombs and burst jammers that really hammer the servers in TiDi. A squad of ‘N’ Burst Jammer Tristans, for example, can generate 6N^2-N server calls every burst jammer cycle.

Maybe when quantum servers are available and affordable we’ll have huge slugfests without TiDi. Until then… it’s what we have.

I get that, I know this probably isn’t good as I don’t even feel it, but a dmg boost once a tidi ammount is reached? To help clear ships from that system faster? Ofc that would make the pvp/pve feel difference but as I said I feel making everything slow makes the situation worst too on the other hand, perhaps just enable TIDI for movement but not for dmg? But at the same time probably dmg calculations are the most common and heavy ones

this is the Q/A section for newbies
maybe we should discuss somewhere esle about tidi mechanisms and battles in null sec with 3+ pilots in space?

  1. alternate is, back to the old system so you have “normal” speed but most of the time is blackscreen or just frozen … whats better ?

  2. same as 1 …

  3. CCP cant push player to fight on more points ! its a player based “problem” but it is not a problem

abusable mechanic so no ! stupid idea

it is just about movement oO
no damage is changed and nothing of dmg calculations are involved for TiDi !

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Well yeah, slower the time slower the ammount of dmg u deliver in the same ammount of time if the TIDI wasn’t applied, what I’m saying is that by slowing all the time down so does the time at which ships get destroyed and leave the sistem which is the source of the issue.

and you want to push the DPS for every ship in TiDi ? means its an easy mechanic to abuse it !
i remember a “fight” about a keepstar in delve → goons “blocked” the system and filled it with to many ppl that the attackers could get in as 1 big group so goons easy won this fight without having trouble.
this is an extrem example but think a a bit smaller…
your group ( team 1 ) is about to jump in from a gate and your grid does not load because of heavy traffic. on the other side the other group ( team 2 ) sit around the gate and couldnt even match the numbers of team 1 but they now get a X% dmg bonus because of your idea…
still without your bonus will team 2 create heavy damage on team 1 and now you push all´s damage ? yes you maybe could now come with " but team 2 has also more dmg " but i will tell you what happens …

Team 1 with heavy traffic at their jump doesnt get all ships they need ! maybe its only 1/3rd of their logi or maybe the FC´s didnt load right now, or maybe the FC´s but only a few other ppl … so now you have a bigger fleet splittet because of heavy traffic and you punished them to death cause its not their fault …

what i want to say, its not a CCP problem, its a player based problem ! the players are to lazy and there are to many and to big alliances with to many friends ( blue donut ) and only sizes matters … on my active nullsec time i often was sitting in our station and we just waitet because other fleet has blueballed us and our friends didnt come…

TiDi is a ■■■■ mechanic but atm i think its the best we can get to have both sides with same conditions and all player still can “play” their game, slowly but they can !
the other way would be like