CCP did it again!

While nobody exactly enjoys massive TiDi fleets, it is at those moments that EVE history is being shaped. In the sandbox environment of EVE bringing the biggest blob is always a popular option and 2000+ (up to 2600?) players went to have a battle in 6RCQ-V.
Considering the number of ships and the widespread use of drones and fighters I’d say server performance was as good as could be expected; allowing for a limited number of disconnects and other issues. Even under the heaviest strain fleets were moving and warping.

Congratulations on CCP engineering for pushing the limits on what is possible beyond anything seen in other games.


While I think this is great we still must embrace for the forum ■■■■ storm that is about to take place.

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Agree. Nobody likes Tidi, but it’s still way better than the unpredictable Lagfest before it’s introduction.

Gratz to CCP. And a moment of silence for all the Hamsters we lost in their line of duty.



Kudos to CCP and their massive supercomputer ‘everybody on one server’ tech. On the other hand, I’ve never really gotten why we all need to be on one server. The TiDi turns those awesome battles you see in the videos into 2D blinky maps of red and blue triangles slowly creeping along…

This could be a hidden benefit of course, as it gives people time to actually respond to the situations as they develop rather than getting blown away instantly by a target change.

Still, the game isn’t actually global… the markets aren’t global, pretty much nothing I do in one system/constellation/region (ship-wise, in space) affects the next region. The only thing global is the help channels and those have already been transferred to separate systems.

Obviously CCP isn’t likely to re-develop things at this point or buy multiple (even if smaller) servers… but couldn’t we conceptually at least speed things up by placing, say, each region on its’ own server and you only get transferred across servers when you cross a regional border?

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Multi-threaded programming is hard, really really hard for non-trivial stuff (like pixel space ships shooting at each other). The current smallest unit is a solar system. For quiet solar systems there are multiple on one server. If you expect a heavy fleet fight you can request CCP to reserve a powerful server for that solar system.

What do you mean ‘not global’? Every isk and piece of loot you generate in a mission lowers the value of isk and modules for everyone else. Including all the things you do in your ships. Everything you do has the potential to have an affect on another player somewhere. That’s why it’s single-server, for exactly that purpose, because it’s a PVP game. Everything that every player does is intended to have the potential to come into conflict with something that another player wants to do. That’s why your missions aren’t instanced, for example, and anyone can probe you down in them. Working as intended.


Only naive, ignorant children think this is anything good what happened in this “fight”, or in 9-4 or any other huge tidi lag fest. Normal people see it as a necessary evil, not something to aspire towards.

Only chronic whiners insist that the sandbox must confirm to their preconceived notions and that other gameplay is not valid.


It is all about servers:


There is no other game around that can put that many players together in one place, in one fight.

Ships died. Some of these lag fests, structures die. Big ones. I’d call that a good thing.

I say that as someone who was there, and on the losing side of that fight.

Local was at 3200 at one point, and I know we alone had 1k ready to jump in to reinforce, had the circumstances been supportive of escalation.

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That’s completely besides the point. It is an atrocious, absolutely not enjoyable and frustrating process that only some numpties enjoy who think records are the most important thing in the world.

People enjoying something that you don’t makes them numpties?

No, it’s not ‘completely besides the point’ at all. The ability to put this many people into one fight at a time, regardless of how it’s accomplished, is a remarkable achievement, and this game does things that no other does. It’s a benchmark.

I submit to you that your personal opinions and judgements of players enjoying this and finding good in this is what’s completely beside the point, because who even the ■■■■ are you that anyone should give a toss what you think of them? If the game does well because of this, retains its health because of this, then your personal problems and moral outrage are completely irrelevant. It’s not even redundant, just irrelevant.


Yes, because people enjoyed sitting for hours on an unresponsive space ship. See, that’s what I mean with naive, ignorant child and numpty. In the past we had people complaining about “soul crushing tidi/lag” after every big fight, even after B-R. Nowadays, we have people like you or that numpty OP who are happy to be under soul crushing tidi just so that CCP has another “big battle” which they can use for their deceptive marketing. Truly marvelous how perceptions change in just a few years.

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I hate TiDi, but I basically play Eve for these big fights. Wish they happened all the time. When we bugged out, I was in the process of peeing into one of two battle bottles I keep at my desk for exactly these fights. It was expected when we first engaged that we’d be going for 8 or so hours until downtime.

While I was relieved that I’d get to sleep instead of peevp, I was disappointed as well.

Your personal problems are nobody else’s


Ignorants like you turn your fake enjoyment into my problems, though.

And whiny little plebs like you think you’re relevant enough that we care.


Ignore him, it is just another nobody that only lives to troll the forum.


But it’s not your problem. If you’re not there, if you’re not doing it, what makes it your problem?

You have a problem that other people are doing it? That they’re not towing your expectations of what they should be doing in EVE?

Doesn’t work like that, I’m afraid. You’re a literal nobody and you think people are just going to stop fighting because you called them numpties in some spiteful, childish fit of rage on the forum because you were never picked for any sports teams in school?

Grow the ■■■■ up. Nobody enjoys ti-di. Everybody complains about it. But they tolerate it for the experience of being part of something that no other game offers. Personally, I don’t do the big fleet stuff. I prefer solo and small gang, but that’s me personally. That’s what I like to do, so that’s what I do.

So how about you do what you like to do, and let others do what they like to do. Live and let live. If you can’t handle that, then this remains a personal problem that you are bringing on yourself, because nobody is holding a gun to your head and making you go to these fights.

■■■■■■■ hell you are one hell of an arrogant, pretentious mongoloid if you think for one second you have offered even a modicum of value or constructive criticism in the incredibly immature posts you’ve placed on this thread in nothing more than spite of players that love EVE Online. Biomass, and ■■■■ off. You’re probably depriving a village somewhere of its idiot.