Battle in C-LTXS - 10%TiDi in Nearby Constellations!

1600 are in the system.

Lags are insane around! I never saw before…

Russian Alliances made another great battle in EVE again.

After downtime I was in Curse for an hour, by doing my business. At that time, I noticed the different force bubbles from 200 to 500 pilots on the ‘pilots in space map’ across different nearby systems. Went offline for few hours… I logged back in the evening. Just decided to test some stuff and to do exploration in Scalding Pass and suddenly I noticed a retarded UI and TiDi icon up there. Opened the map and OMG! – XIX decided to move their stuff towards Legacy through a completely empty system of C-LTXS, in the middle of FRT space. I tried to fly to that system but soon after that I changed my mind, while passed through a gate for 4mins… doh… was close to be podded at a gate… don’t want to lose my implants and valuable cargo… 10% TiDi in 5 jumps range.

Well, I’m collecting information about East regions and what’s going in nearby to the Providence regions piece by piece for myself. It’s like an EVE political hobby.

You know, EVE Reddit is a tool of propaganda and fresh news, but it doesn’t hold or displays the true information about what is happening really. Information is presented artificially there, like a flow of Twitter posts of many different thoughts. I hope and I’m curious how Andrew Groen will explain properly what happened between Russians since 2010, in his second book.

Surprisingly, that 2000 pilots battle created similar TiDi as that 6000 pilots battle at 9-4. Shooting and destructions were huge.

Not sure about the deep details but the generic info about such things seems decent considering the links to battle reports, live streams, killmails and whatnot. Not sure about the comments but cited sources seem decent enough for a casual observer.

As for deep secrets and 100% accurate details, you will never get that, not even the top people get that as even they only see their part of the story. So in the end such threads on reddit seem the best still.

But not here to convince you just responding to your comment, of course if you enjoy the adventure of gathering the info yourself then perfectly reasonable not to read a spoiler thread such as that.

Though even then you later could compare your gathered data with the ones presented there to see how it differ and make what of that what your analytics suggest.

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When a trivial EVE player (as I was a year ago) is looking at a big Null-Sec battle video, it looks like a total chaos for him. It’s hard to understand what’s happening there and how somebody lost there.

Here’s the short story behind this battle

The big old Russian community was divided into many sub-culture organizations, during the past 10 years: WH5/6 groups, Red Alliance + Dream Fleet, SOLAR FLEET, Shadow of XXDeathXX (which contains Prothean Alliance, RAZOR Alliance, Infinity Space), Low/Null Sechnaya Sholupen, Legion of XXDeathXX (XIX). A fair example, how it happened and how is happening, is a Brave Heart movie with Mel Gibson, about events which happened between different leaders in Scotland many years ago. Overall, I’d say that between Russians and Scots are more similarities than differences. Most of all, only Red Alliance whishes to destroy XIX in EVE. Possible that their spies in XIX opened that initial ambushing cyno.

Since 2015 Triumvirate fought their place in Scalding Pass and Insmother. Initially they were friendly with DRF, but since 2017 a conflict began, due to SOV changes, Legacy’s evolve, Chinese community arriving, Blue Donut war and huge renting space crisis. I’d say the biggest two DRF problems were a split between corporations and a renting space crisis. The ‘split’ happened because half of their corporations prefer to rat and farm ISK completely, while others are interested into PVP battles. So, this split influenced mostly on SOLAR FLEET and northern DRF Alliances. The renting crisis happened, because the Drone Lands don’t become so good grounds for renters due to decreasing EVE population overall, introducing of Alpha clones, changes to the Alpha accounts (no need to farm for PLEX to have a good game), PLEX and ISK inflation, unprepared infrastructure. I was there many times last year. You can pass entire empty Constellations there. There are only few farming Regions in EVE currently: Delve, Feythabolis, Omist, Kelavela Expanse, Cobalt Edge, Tenal and Branch. So, Triumvirate and Fraternity and some DRF Alliances, during Blue Donut war, decided to flip sides and to ‘flex’. The Blue Donut war sunk DRF into 10 months war over all East regions. So, players become just too bored and tired (which can be counted as a third reason). This turned to: farmers moved their path without fight, XIX decided to fortify in Insmother and reunion all possible core PVP Alliances and corporations. So, XIX left their capital system BWF-ZZ in Geminate and moved to the new formed capital system 88A-RA in Insmother. SOLAR FLEET, as other groups, lost all their positions in Null-Sec and refused to join XIX by moving to nearby Low-Sec systems, after this. This was a scenario when XIX with allies were unable to defend themselves in Insmother, so the decision was to join to a friendly Coalition. So, they moved towards Legacy through C-LTXS, where they were ambushed.

Well, there was rumors around that XIX is going to join Legacy. That’s was the biggest confusion of last weekend in EVE, because, due to what kind of information I found, the Legacy gave them a staging system to relocate their resources. After that they should go their own path somewhere down there.

The battle

The C-LTXS was not a battle for conquering or defending, but to be more accurate – an ambush.

XIX jumped there their fleet of near 500 Capitals, where like half of their ships were PVE fitted farming tools. Soon after that, Triumvirate, Fraternity, Red Alliance and Lumpy opened a cyno in close range and summoned another like 500 Capitals (mainly Titans, Supers under huge support of Faxes). So, the clash has begun. Initially, the XIX forces had advantage and after that slowly turned to a 50%/50% skirmish.




Soon after that the TEST dropped like a 100 Shield Dread-Bomb + Carriers/Faxes (it’s like a Destroyer suicide gank of Dreadnaughts), but at very bad distance. Even after this, they managed to destroy a Fraternity Erebus under huge FAX support somehow. The fight was in the XIX+TEST favor, at the moment, but due to bad distance, TEST began to lose Dreadnoughts one by one just too fast.

-TRI/FRT/Lumpy at the left side and XIX/TEST at the right side.

When it was clear, that XIX Titans haven’t Bosonic Doomsdays equipped, only Lancer Doomsdays, and can’t drop another big Dread Bomb, the combined forces of Triumvirate, Fraternity, Red Alliance, NC/PL, Snuffed Out, Lumpy, Hard Drop and others dropped a huge like 500 ships! Dread Bomb at optimal range to the XIX fleet and began to shoot XIX PVE Hels firstly.

- summoned ambushers Dreads under XIX/TEST fleet.

Titans, Capitals and Supers can’t do nothing against this. Interesting, that NC/PL brought near 100 Dreads and Snuffed Out like 60 Dreads on the grid, considering that they shouldn’t have any interests there… maybe not. So, the remaining TETS fleet and XIX fleet began to shoot at bubbles to evacuate their remaining fleet from the grid. After a huge lost, they managed to evacuate the most of their capitals.

Like 30 mins after this, the Goons arrived to the system under Dabigredboat FC and addition Titan, Super and FAX reinforcements of skill urself, Ranger Regiment, Fraternity, We Form Volta.

Overall interestingly, if on the grid were 40% of XIX+TEST vs 60% of TRI+FRT+Lumpy+Red Alliance+ Others forces, the Capital ratio was much more different like 1:3. The gankers brought three times more Titans, Faxes, Supers, Carriers and Dreads.



  • XIX managed to join together only RAZOR Alliance, Prothean Alliance, Infinity Space into a new Coalition;
  • XIX Coalition is Legacy friendly, looks like;
  • XIX Coalition will try to settle close to Legacy, somewhere in Feythabolis or Tenerifis/Immensea;
  • Fraternity Alliance being independent, is friendly towards NP/PL and Triumvirate;
  • Maybe I’m wrong, but all those new forces in Drone Lands are NC/PL creation;
  • The new Alliances in the East just formed or forming an unofficial coalition and will act to destroy Legacy from the East – I’d call it the Golden Horde Coalition.

As for me, the entire DRF story of last years looks like a big RMT in EVE and gaming story…


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