High Sec Tidi

I did a round trip to Jita about an hour ago. A third of all systems I jumped through had tidi and other friends are reporting more tidi throughout New Eden. I am having issues logging in and other are too.

Where is the HUGE fight at? What does CCP plan on doing to get this fixed ASAP!?

The tidi is 10-38%

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Check the map for kills in the last hour?
Or zkill?

Ok, I found the fight but the tidi has trashed playing today. CCP SUCKS for this! Reinforce the shard!

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You can only reinforce nodes not the whole universe, CCP only has a limited number of reinforced nodes and they have to be allocated at DT, a system can’t really be moved once its started


CCP can manually move other systems on a node off to help reduce tidi though. But 1am on Monday morning is not the most likely time for them to be doing that unless server stability starts being threatened.


Theres only 1 shard. We all play on the same server.

You want CCP to reinforce the entire shard? Send them 10 million dollars. Im sure they can buy a lot more servers and be able to upgrade EVE so that 10,000 players in supercarriers will not even cause a 1% tidi.

That would require them to take those systems offline in order to move them to a different node, so if they are populated there isn’t much they can do

They can & will drop populated systems where there isn’t a big fight (or large fleet currently in transit to said big fight) for the sake of not crashing the big fight.
But… I understand it’s not the easiest thing to do, and not a thing many will have authority to do.

Easy to demand for crap you don’t have to pay for…

Not really as far as i remember.
At some point they could move node right with fight on it. At least once battle was prematurely stopped by one developer fat fingering this process. Not sure if after that they haven’t decided to never try this again :rofl:

The huge fight was supposed to happen at Camal Keepstar (Derelik) - HQ system of Purple Helmeted Warriors alliance (Faspera is their second core system).

The TiDi around Jita park was due to PanFam redeployment toward Derelik (under 1000 ships). It always happens around, when a mass fleet jump is performed. The Ananah Constellation was hot yesterday - 2400 pilots in Mifrata and addition near 1000 pilots in nearby systems.

Attackers: Imperium + Snuff. Active defenders: PanFam + Fraternity + some local guys. Passive defenders: TEST. IDK what attackers should have done, but Vily officially informed everybody before that brawl that they have a deal to defend the Keepstar only this time. So, the Keepstar survived and in nearby systems proportional clashes happened between attackers and active defenders. Not a big deal - just warm up before a new war.

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I have been a paying customer since day one. So I am helping to pay for it.

No you don’t…your tiny sum is already consumed for paychecks of the staff and the last big hardware upgrade… :slight_smile:

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