I hope CCP can treat every player fairly

First of all, I am a pilot from the +8 time zone. I have nearly 10 months of flying experience. But my friends and I have had a very bad gaming experience in the last 3 months. After DT every day, my star field (Cobalt Edge) will have a very serious time swell (about 60%), which makes me very confused. You must know that the number of active at the same time in Delve is ours. 200% -300%, with almost no time to swell. In the past few days, several white name players have been organized to perform the above statistics. I hope CCP will not perfuse us with low-level excuses. For example, there are other players in action, and so on.

If the CCP’s budget is not enough to improve the game experience for players other than Delve, please tell me the truth, I can spend 100 USD 499 PLEX packages at one time.

Finally, I would like to reiterate once again that I hope Cobalt Edge will have no time to swell like Delve, and if the fairness I want is not free, I am willing to bear the cost. Please CCP stop disregarding ordinary players who are troubled by time bloat. Finally, thank you Google for providing me with a translation.


I guess we are talking about TiDi. If the data provided are actually correct. I would really like to know why Delve has better node compared to other regions/systems? And why they didn’t allocated more hardware resources to systems with constant TiDi?

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Delve is not on a node. Individual systems are on nodes. So if Delve is spread out other than their known HQ system that would explain it. HQ systems will be allocated higher priority as will systems with long histories of high use.

But if the Ops numbers are concentrated in just a few systems they will generate tidi easily. It also depends what other systems are on the Ops node.

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Thank you very much to the friends upstairs for your answers. Obviously, you are more responsible than CCP. I will continue to post until CCP solves this problem

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How about you make a bug report and a support ticket instead?


Jita is separated node. And in CCP presentation at Vegas they clearly stated that they can easily move and allocate more hardware to specific systems or regions (nodes).

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Yes. Jita is a special node. Because Jita has insane load pretty much always.
And yes, CCP can remap nodes each downtime. But a brief 60% tidi isn’t going to trigger a node remap reliably. Not in the short term anyway.
It’s not that significant a tidi, OP hasn’t explained how long this lasts or what numbers they are seeing creating this, and those numbers distribution.

Nodes refer to a server-node. Basically a computer that can host multiple systems at once. If the node gets too loaded, it can cause TiDi to all of the systems running on that node. So the reason YOU are seeing TiDi, may not be because there is load in the system you are in, but on some other running on the same node.

Time swell. I’m going to use that one from now on.


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Two days have passed without any improvement

Have you made a support ticket? Bug report? Asking in here won’t do anything to help you.



It takes a lot longer than that and they won’t be adding hardware, they will just nerf whatever is causing all the load.

Posting about it is just asking to be nerfed.

Like, right after downtime? Or an hour or so after downtime. I would expect there to be some lag when the cluster just came up.

Yes, all hail the almighty Google.

Dont say that. CCP are working their best. Its coronavirus time. While you are home playing video games, they have to deal with working.

You say this, but you havent posted what percentage, and for how long after downtime this lasts. If you are complaining about a couple minutes at 10% tidi, then thats not a lot.

Please file a support ticket regarding this. The forums will not be able to assist with server related issues or comments. In the support ticket make sure to go into detail regarding the issue including time of place, when you notice this issue and what is happening during this issue.

Thank you,


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