TiDi Tanking Citadels

So… with the Goons offensively anchoring a keepstar, it’s obviously going to be a tidi clusterfuck of a fight.

Has any work been done to alleviate the fact that they just need to bring all the carriers, and it’ll be able to anchor because nobody will be able to apply dps to it effectively enough to pause the timer unless they want to commit their DDs to the KS and not the hostile faxes?

I’m looking forward to the fight, I’m excited, and I hope a lot of ■■■■ dies (my shit is insured, so whatever happens happens) but I want it to actually be a fight and not just a lagfest that we end up doomed to lose because the mechanics are so bunged up that exploiting them is easier than taking the fight.

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dont expect irac to beat USA, dont expect insert ur weak alliance/coalition to beat stronger and better prepared coalition =*
And pls, “exploiting” lol. sure honey, with or without lag, would not change much
Ps. Im not goons, but I dont cry when a bike loses to a ferrari

I have zero problems losing a legitimate fight. That’s what insurance is for :slight_smile:
That said, if you’ve taken part in any of the major keep fights these days, you know that tidi tanking all but assures the keep will anchor.

It doesn’t matter how either side fights, as long as you keep the tidi maxed, because it’s virtually impossible to keep the timer paused when you’re shooting at 10% of normal speed whilst the timer still expects you to be moving at 100% of speed.

For the record, I expect us to win this fight. I will be disappointed if my insurance goes to waste, but I do expect us to win. We’ll find out soon :slight_smile:

hm, that kinda sucks, but nothing stop ur side to drop ur own station either

We don’t need to drop a station, we need to stop them from dropping theirs lol. Super staging in our backyard will make things… challenging.

Can we drop one? Probably. We don’t need to do it this way though, we’ll just roll dreads down their throat and those can dock at forts, which it’s easy enough to just drop 10 of them at the same time.

u perv


At the end of the day, the people defending the structure can focus 100% of their fire on the attackers of the structure. The defenders of the structure, because of TiDi, need to devote 10x more firepower just to pause the timer (significant on a KS) all whilst still trying to kill the people that are trying to kill them.

You know it!


Brief after action report, from the perspective of a logistics pilot. TLDR, tidi sucks and we lost :frowning: Oh well, world war reee is just getting started.

Dreads were able to keep the timer paused. Goons focused on attacker subcaps, and were buttsexing them pretty hard, after which we expected they would have swapped to the dreads.

After realizing that Stalingrad style tactics (which worked very well against GOTG) were not an efficient choice for this particular circumstance, we extracted. I was disappointed that I never got to drop my caps, but “choose your battles” seems to apply.

On the topic of TiDi, it was horrible (what’s new there?). We were at about 30% until goons launched their fighters, and then it spiked to 90%. We didn’t bring carriers, we brought subcaps and dreads (more accurately, we didn’t drop the carriers). Granted, there were Gilas and Ishtars, and I’m sure the drones contributed.

Entire subcap fleets were rendered useless after fleet warps would take portions of fleets and in some cases, miss the entire FC team of one subcap fleet.


thanks for the report and props for using the forums for actual in-game stuff.

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Made me chuckle as well. Fits how many of them pronounce the name of that country.

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