WWB2, big keepstar battles

Hello here,

I would like to have the thoughts of players and CCP devs about the way the big battles go in WWB2. I’m on PAPI side by the way.

I participated to the first KS anchoring battle and the last one.

These battles are a real pain in term of playability, you need 5 minutes to lock a player, 5 minutes to fire your guns etc, at 10% time dilation, this is really a pain. And i don’t count the time to be bridged in the system etc…

So I was wondering if anything can be done to have these moments more enjoyable and have proper battles.

We can see that on this front, Imperium side is loosing the numbers. I can’t imagine that Imperium has that sort of tactical superiority…

On the last battle they attacked the keepstar with interceptors, is it a good strategy ? With tidi, yes it seems, like smartbombs in fortizar defense maybe…

Thank you guys :slight_smile:

Um, Tidi sucks, but it’s better than server crashes or mass DC’s.

CCP is trying to make things better. They have made server upgrades in the past, but players keep throwing ever increasing numbers into systems. They have currently disabled kill rights and bounties to see if that helps. What other things can they do? IDK. Apparently, they used to make all drones act as 1 drone with 5 times the damage and HP. That might help.

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