Time to Ban

It’s time to ban Keepstars from high sec space as they are far too powerful without the ability to use Caps during the attack. For the third weekend in a row the Perimeter Keepstar is the site of a massive battle. The TiDi in Perimeter and the surrounding systems is unbearable. This effects thousands of players that have nothing to do with this battle, but only want to pass through Jita, the most used system in the game.

I can only speak for myself, but I do not find long warp tunnels and 10% TiDi fun. It’s time to take EVE’s massive battles, along with it’s TiDi back to Null Sec where it belongs. It’s time to ban Keepstar’s from high sec space!


In which case people would be fighting over Fortizars. I would suggest planning a route to/from Jita while avoiding Perimeter, but that is probably too difficult for you.


Fortizars can be taken down with battleships and normally do not require 1000’s of players in a system, deploying thousands of drones. Even a Sotiyo can be taken down with 30 battleships, whereas Keepstars are a whole different animal.

I can understand your confusion with fighting anything larger than a Venture.


High-sec needs Keepstars, its the only time most high-sec dwellers will witness anything like the big fleet fights that they have in null. Good for recruitment, good for player interaction and good for the game. High-sec has become interesting for perhaps the first time since CCP banned supers from it. You want it to be nerfed seriously dude, just put perimeter on your avoid list if you cannot handle all that new content in an otherwise stale area of space.


Jita isn’t the only trade hub in the game


Keepstars only for wormholes.


Have you tried using marauders?

They should just let caps into highsec tbh and go full YOLO with the game, would be a laff if they removed station hugging (aggro requires you to leave grid to re-dock) but allowed caps in.


test/goons and others just did a huge fight over an azbel…and failed

Thanks to Fozzisov while the fleet was in 10% TiDi the station was unaffected, whole hundreds of people fought over the station they were unable to apply enough damage due to tidi to stop the timer. at under 10% hull in an instant the station was at 100% on hp.

a station should be in reinforce without fuel, and should instant heal, maybe heal over time but instant heal is retarded.

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The only reason Keepstars are a problem is because EVE’s code is prehistoric and all the dinosaurs that could use it have gone extinct.

It’s time for CCP to stop doing things it knows (or should know) ruins an entire sector of space for the majority of people using it. They should be ashamed of themselves for creating a mechanic where a few bashers make the game stupidly slow for everyone else.

So how about instead of being a kiss ass apologist like many posting here, y’all get on CCP to write code that suits a game based in 2019 instead of 2003.

No one is going to complain if there’s no time dilation. Fix that, and you have one less thing for people to whine about. As well as giving the gaming press one less thing to spear you over. Win/win.


Ban jita.

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Jita will be replaced immediately.

CCP put a lot of efford into the citadels, they won’t just give up on them. Instead, they should work on optimizing them.

As a whole, I don’t see big changes coming in the next five years. So, just avoid Keepstars for the time being, it’s not like there ain’t ten thousand systems.

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You touch big pile of s**t, keepstar are needed in HS for all shady jobs of big corps, that is the way how they protect their monopole and earn seriuos money from the game. So fu*k off this is big business and you are too small to interfere with it…

All money is around Jita

large corps in empire? working in a single area? surely you jest.

Now if only you were smart enough to realise that TiDi is actually a solution to a much larger problem, And yes people ARE going to complain if there is no TiDi because then you get major bugs like ghost ships or people in bugged states because the server wasn’t able to process what they did in time etc, and obviously because the server didn’t process it that means there is no logs of the event even happening

So, before whining maybe you should learn what TiDi is and how its actually a FIX to the problem of large scale fights


You know where I said apologists…


Here be dragons.

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They do require 1000s of players in a system.

Because a defending force of 500, generally requires an attacking force of equal or greater number.

Therefore, any citadel, any structure in space, can lead to tidi. As long as the defending force and attacking force are determined, and bring enough people.

It has nothing to do with Keepstars, and everything to do with whether the defenders and attackers are commited to fighting. You can reach a Keepstar damage threshold with 100 battleships. Thats not enough for Tidi.

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Citadels defenses are inadequate; there are no automated defenses, plus missiles are ineffective, but no gun options for defense exist

Well, though luck, smart cookie, but most other systems around Jita were under tidi as well yesterday.

The only thing people witness when null sec comes to high sec to battle it out in peace without cynos and caps is the lovely tidi lag fest when your client stops responding, modules don’t work and your activity comes to a screeching halt while you spend 5 minutes in gate transfer. These huge battles are, if anything, putting people off and that is good.

That’s where you are wrong. The Azbel was paused easily by TESGOO several times and was brought down to 4% structure, when TESGOO decided to withdraw for unknown reasons although they had 5 fleets on grid against our 3 fleets.
Stop spreading bovine waste. Plus, if these timers were affected by tidi, these stupidly laggy, unresponsive, unattractive, unrewarding, frustrating, irritating and utterly unpleasant activities would stretch out even longer, which is utterly undesirable.


Clueless entitled idiocy, you are asking CCP to do what even Oracle and Microsoft can’t, removing legacy code without breaking everything. :clap::clap::clap:.