If I were the owner of the new Keepstar in Perimeter, I would

Just trying to put out some ideas of what would the owners of the new keepstar in Perimeter do to maximize passive profit moving forward.

If I were the owner of the new Keepstar in Perimeter, I would ask my alliance to do something similar to Jita burn, blocking out Jita 4-4 from traders. Basically create a blockade in and out of JIta 4-4, forcing all traders to rely on my Keepstar for trading. I would continue to do this for 2 to 4 weeks to ensure that most traders/retail buyers give up on Jita 4-4 and use my Keepstar instead. It’s the equivalent of jump starting a car. I would aslo change the broker fee to 0.1% to attract ALL traders from Jita 4-4 even faster.

What would you do? feel free to share your idea…

To come and ruin your game.

Another idea…

If I were the owner of the new Keepstar in Perimeter, I would give 0.1% broker fee to those who show up to defend it at least 10 to 15 times per month ( the exact number can be decided later). This way I can win the heart of all traders and turn them into friends instead of possible enemy…

Given your total lack of a killboard - at best you are posting on a trade alt - it is more likely you wouldn’t do anything at all until a more consequential person came along and burned your keepstar for you.

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If i were the owner of the new keepstar i would become CEO of Pearl Abyss and remove Jita 4-4 forever, and make the keepstar the ONLY possible market in hisec. then i would raise the rate to 50%.

Then i would make the CPP CEO add golden ammo and golden ships, and have the income directly come into my own bank account.

no no

If I were the owner I’d join with an alt for the kill mail.

Or they could just keep it simple and raise the tax %.

Burn Jita was never intended as a major intervention into the game economy, although it created opportunities for smaller entities than Goonswarm to make a few waves (e.g. by performing buyouts on certain rigs).

Goons run BJ as a way to entertain their membership which makes them more active, while not gaining meaningful enemies (in the way that invading someone else’s space does)

There simply is no similar appeal here as a single BJ event is not enough incentive to move goods from Jita 4-4 to Perimeter and take the safety tax risk. Buyers will continue using offshored orders, and sellers will continue to list items in 4-4 itself and eat the tax.

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