Props CCP!

I’ve been in X47 for the last 10 hours. It was rocky at first, what with nearly 4500 people in local, but things are shaping up nicely.

While there’s still full TiDi, it only feels like things are slow. Not glitchy. Which is perfectly fine with me. In a word, I’d describe the X47 as “playable”.

Mad props, this was a pretty damn big fight. There was at least 3 metric fucktonnes of fighters on grid. I can’t wait for zkill to catch up, the battle report is probably on par with B-R at this point.


Who’s winning?

That’s a very fluid question and it depends on who you ask.

A good neutral summary here:

I can say with certainty that the kill counts are at the moment not up to date. The number of regular caps that have died is pretty staggering lol. This truly will be a pivotal fight for the war.

Goon titans, for example, are trapped on our keepstar. They’re bubbled and at the moment there’s zero intention to let them go (obviously, lol).


I consider losing side those with most supers dead normal caps can be insured so they don’t matter imo

That fight is far from over! At this moment, Goons is losing by that critiera. But honestly, we’ve probably got 5 more hours to go before the fight is actually over. So, we shall see.

Caps are insurable, but isk isn’t everything. It takes a decent amount of time to build and fit 500 capitals.


Aren’t they always?

Looks like all sides had fun, so no one really lost.

That being said, it’s more about the ability to replace losses than the losses themselves. Looks like Goons+ lost more than NC+ and both sides should have no issues replacing a couple of Tril for now.

I’m looking forward to the actual numbers. zKill is still busy shitting itself right now.

Preliminary results indicate a pretty even balance ISK-wise.

Imperial Legacy seems to have pulled ahead in the Titan kill count in the end, Armor Timer status: Reinforced; Imperial Forces hold the field.

So I would say it counts as a win for Imperial Legacy. Not a slaughter but a win (objective and hardest to replace ship wise).

Plus KillahBee publicly declared himself to be a killboard-worshipping loser, which is a solid slap in the face of all those stalwart pilots of the north. Bad move. Very bad move.

The dynamic has changed for quite a while now though. It is not a case of ISK balance or economic gain/loss anymore. It is about planning capabilities in mass industry output for a multi tiered SRP mechanism where supercapitals and structures are just the same as a frigate or battleship. Tools.

I’m not sure a lot of people have really figured it out yet, but the moment supercap proliferation got out of hand, it could only end in scenario’s of applied economies of scale. Pure and simple. What springs to mind is the attrition dynamics of battleship fleets in the days right after the NPC stations were seeded in nullsec, with their damn shield/sov mechanics.

Whoever figures that out best, and has prepped for momentum for it best, prevails. Everything else becomes irrelevant. The only deciding factor is the ability to maintain momentum as required for streamlined output of mass military industry by applied economies of scale.

Which also should make clear the vulnerabilities.

Now if CCP were to engage on FAX and Rorqual changes, things would be different. But as I understand it, that has been pushed back …

Under a pure mechanistic viewpoint you are correct.
And when we consider this aspect in an isolated way, the outcome of the war seems to be crystal clear: The vastly superior industrial backbone of Imperial Legacy should win the war.

But in reality things are not as easy as they seem.
You don’t only need industrial muscle, you also need pilots in space. You need to keep your pilots motivated to log in and fight the war. You also need to use your industrial power to actually replace the lost ship of Joe Linemember. And you need to make him have fun while all this happens.

It’s a bit more complex than pure economics I fear.

From what I have read, a lot of people had fun. On both sides. The game was playable even under full TiDi and the servers held. So that’s a definite positive.

Industrialists are winning in this war.

Here’s a snapshot, which doesn’t benefit industry btw. Costs as much as two fitted Keepstars.

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That’s good that X47 was playable, while other part of EVE wasn’t due to mass DCs.

You can blame the assholes DDOSing CCP’s servers for that. CCP can’t really help that much, they’ve already invested in cloudflare services to help mitigate, that’s about all they can really do. There’s a reason DDOS has been effective since it was first realized.

Regarding total isk loss, Goons and co have lost about 5 trillion, Northern lost about 4 trillion. One hell of a fight, not quite B-R but close. This battle report encompasses a secondary related battle in a different system, as well as the shield timer on the keepstar.,1967,1967,1967,1967,1967&b=8196000,8196000,8196180,8196360,8196540,8196720&e=780,690,180,180,210,230&t=ubrbvrrvvvvvvuvrvvvvvfuvuvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvf

I agree with the sentiment that the isk is secondary in value to time. As said, it takes a LONG time to build and fit 500 capitals.

I think that in terms of morale, both sides gained, because that ■■■■ was certainly fun. My main’s corp lost a couple titans which was sad, but, they died the way a Titan should die - to a hail of gunfire, in a full combat fit.

What can I say… miners aren’t good at fighting. :wink: Of course… there are a LOT of miners…

Just two posts from r/eve, which determines the best the X47 brawl:

when you own a super/titan it’s the place you want to die with it in a big ■■■■■■■ battle

exactly, it died on right place, not dropped somewhere like idiot :slight_smile:

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Gotta say I respect the balls of that Molok pilot. Poor bastard lost half a trillion isk because of a DC. That’s the exact reason I fly a regular carrier (or dread) with T1 fighters/guns. Risking isk isn’t so much the problem, losing it to a DC would be worse than a ruined orgasm.

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Yeah, during such an unstable server it’s too risky to fly faction supers. I believe that most of that lost were replaced and those officer modules he just looted from ore belt’s officers.

Finally, where to fit officer modules if not on faction Capitals only?

Honestly, time and place. Were it a specialized drop (think blops style, where bling is the norm) I’d totally see it.

Both sides knew that it was going to be a heavy fight. Both sides had spies in fleet, I know that as soon as any titan pilot on our side announced in comms that he had DC’d, he was immediately fired on (TiDi immediately lol), and I know that we knew the second the Molok DC’d so we had spies as well.

Bringing the Molok at all was ballsy but to bling fit it like that… no way, not for that fight. That was just stupid. Of course, we don’t know how much isk he has. That was certainly an expensive loss, but he could easily just shrug and say “meh I could buy 2 or 3 more”.

So, maybe he just didn’t care if it died. As much, at least, as anyone can care about losing half a trillion isk lol.

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Does not compute.

Also Reddit says different about playability in that battle.

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“Playable” is a subjective term, and can mean very different things to different people when local is over 4000.

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