X47 Fight is NOT OK

Hows this for constructive feedback.

What I experienced here this morning is not fun in any way, shape, or form. CCP please figure out a way to limit player battles or improve your servers.

You want to advertise your game as a multi thousand player experience then actually deliver that experience, until then DO SOMETHING ELSE.


THey had plenty of advanced warning…maybe we just broke the node.

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Any feedback that can be summarized as “This sucks. Don’t do the thing that sucks.” without losing any details of the proposed way to redress the problem is not ‘constructive’ feedback. Constructive feedback should clearly define the problem, and clearly define some way to address that problem or mitigate it. This post is what we call ‘complaining’, and I think I’m being charitable with that description.


Was that intentional irony or no?

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I offered a way to redress the problem, limit the number of people in system. There are obvious problems with this solution but they are not problems without solutions.

As it stands, the game is literally broken at 5k in system. So, dont let 5k in, limit it to 1k per alliance or whatever number makes sense.


They don’t do this because people would lock out opposing forces by logging in alts to occupy that limit. There is no limit that makes sense and fixes your problem.


I said make a limit per alliance, not a total character limit. If you don’t like my solution, that doesn’t mean that I still didn’t try to offer one as per your earlier post.

And frankly its not my job to offer solutions, I am not a game developer, I am a paying subscriber to a service that is literally broken right now.


Your solution just says ‘a way to limit player battles or improve your servers’ in the OP, which I think is extremely vague. If you want to add your other details so that it looks more like constructive feedback than a complaint I would not mind. You could remove the unnecessary all caps while you’re at it as well.

Limiting char numbers per system doesn’t work for the above reasons. CCP has to break up combat focus points like Keepstars. There should not be a single grid fight for a Keepstar battle.
Similar to sov warfare, Keepstars ought to spawn an uneven number of attack nodes around the constellation and people need to hold the majority of the nodes for XYZ amount of time. Unlike sov warfare, the nodes would not disappear, but rather be stationary for the whole repair timer to enable larger battles on them. These battles would be smaller and more distributed so that the server can keep up with them better, and even if you lose superiority on one node, you can still win by holding or gaining control over the other nodes.

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I like your idea in principle, but I don’t see how that changes the overall experience whatsoever. It took me 2 hours just to gate 4 jumps to even get in system, and now I’ve been stuck on login screen for 45 minutes.

Distributing the fight around multiple grids does not address these issues at all.

The travel problems aren’t solvable, not even with limiting the number of people in the system. That’s just how it is. Contrary to CCP’s claims, the tidi experience has deteriorated a lot in the last year, and even 100 people jumping a gate can cause tidi nowadays.
However, the login issues after DT should be much less pronounced if there are not 5000 people trying to get back into the game on one grid. A few hundred people logging in per system spread over 5 or 7 systems should improve the experience noticeably. Same should be the case for the fighting in general. Again, not in all systems if tons of people pile into one system, but that would leave other systems in the constellation with fewer people where you could have a much more enjoyable fighting experience. Those fights would also be very important to the overall battle because control over the nodes decides the outcome, not who has the most people in single system.

You can’t limit the number of people per system, if you do that it WILL be gamed and abused.

If the max is, say, 3000 then one side will bring 3000 and they now KNOW they’ve won. Or they bring 2600 so they can get some easy kills. It doesn’t work and it takes about 2 seconds to realise it doesn’t work, if this loophole/issue didn’t occur to you within 5 seconds then perhaps don’t come up with “solutions”.

Well ■■■■ it, if I’m not allowed to say “this game experience is ■■■■, I am extremely dissatisfied with it” then y’all are a bunch of fascists. Goodbye.


You’re completely fine to out your frustration, it’s a hobby all eve players enjoy. Coming up with “solutions” any 5 year old can understand won’t work means people, or at least I (like I matter), won’t take you serious.


You may not be aware of the situation in X47 right now. Thousands of people currently online and in that system however do.

I do hope that CCP too is aware of it though, this gameplay is atrocious.

It took me one and a half hour to even get past logging in, and spawned back on the massive fleet fight grid where the people of my fleet that did manage to log in earlier had managed to burn 200km away past many bubbles in the mean time. Luckily I didn’t spawn within some of the hundreds of bubbles and managed to warp off to the friendly fortizar, and then took 10 minutes for even the docking request to be acknowledged.

Oh, and the server just crashed.

There is no need to already be coming up with solutions, the message itself is the purpose of this thread:

The gameplay of this fight in X47 is simply NOT OK.


I would venture to say that tidi is actually worse now, despite the new tech.


If we’re going to talk about solutions, it is possible to assign a certain number of pilots per side.

Albion does it, and reserves a number of slots for players on the server for each of the involved sides, and puts the rest of the same side in a queue. While I don’t really like such a solution, it’s better than what we have now where the server simply gives up and crashes.

There are solutions, it’s up for CCP to choose the least worst one.

So far my X47 gameplay is I managed to log in, cyno in some bombers and get them stuck in jump tunnel when the server crashed, adding +8 people to the pain train with no escape.

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Kinda sad for all the smaller groups who like to come in and 3rd party

Smaller groups would also get some reserved slots in that system.

I haven’t looked in detail into it, but I think every group can get a similar ratio of their total waiting+playing people into the system. So if there’s two alliances battling it out and each of them have half their people in the zone and half of them queued to enter, a small third party could also get half of their fleet inside.

Sure, it’s not ideal to be playing with half your group, but it’s better than having the server grind to a standstill and crash.