[Dev Blog] The second timer in M2-XFE

Since CCP failed to create discussion thread. Here is the link.


No discussion needed. Both sides screwed up, both sides don’t get their shiny toys back either. Fair play.


CCP and the pilots of New Eden have long been engaged in a perpetual arms race. Players push the envelope of what is possible, and we continue to improve performance with improved hardware, software, and changes to the mechanics of the game.

With “changes to mechanics of the game”. :rofl: Even in a blog about their screw ups they can’t stop lying about how they fail to improve the experience. All they do is make it possible for an increasing number of people to witness their failing.

These numbers are unrivaled - and unrivaled numbers in New Eden lead to uncharted territories when it comes to performance. Neither side of the war, or CCP, can, could or will be able to predict the server performance in these kinds of situations.

No, it does not. It always leads to your systems screwing up and going down in flames. There is nothing unchartered or unprecedented about it. It is literally always the same outcome. And CCP refuses to defuse these certain outcomes with mechanics changes.

If CCP can’t predict that their servers can’t handle thousands of characters in one system – after numerous events that have shown them that they can’t and given them data that they can’t – CCP only shows that they are too incompetent to handle this game. The players, on the other hand, could exactly predict what would happen. That is why CFC had 4500 characters in the system already. They knew that the server would be at the limit with these numbers already and they knew that the other side could not bring in more people than them and that bringing more people in would inevitably lead to the server to screw up. This would in turn lead to them getting kills or at the very least get the Keepstar to repair after a node restart. Players are literally better at predicting and knowing what will happen than CCP itself. As developer, I would be embarrassed to even say that no one could predict things when people show they could.


Wow you love complaining. The number of pilots able to battle on one grid has massively increased over the last few years.

As per our usual policy Customer Support won’t be reimbursing any losses or moving players between systems. It is our policy to not get involved with fleet fights, and that policy has been upheld during this war – for both sides.

Did find this pretty hilarious thou, the feels for papi.


Let the tears flow.


I have said that CCP increased the number of people who can witness their screw ups. Read before you troll, it helps your understanding and credibility. :wink:

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No you didn’t you are blaming CCP for not being able to keep up, while players constantly try their hardest to crash the servers.


I literally did.

Yes. And I said CCP is too stupid to fix that kind of issue at the very least for Keepstar battles by spreading the load instead of forcing people to go to one point of conflict. CCP knows this since BR- and well before that time. Yet, CCP refuses to learn from this knowledge and fix their mechanics. Instead, they keep implementing the same mechanics that just keep forcing these issues to manifest time and again. CCP themselves even admitted years ago that they cannot fix the problem of us bringing ever more numbers to single points of conflict by adding more server power. Yet, this is all they do.


oh wait, you’re serious

yeah, some forum kid spewing stuff he has zero knowledge about, that’ll surely be received well by CCP


Fair enough, to be fair I didn’t read your whole post at first. Eve players would be better off if fights where split among a few systems.

But CCP want the headlines of “so many in one system breaking world records.”


YES! And that is the issue why we keep reading these kinds of dev blogs full of self-adulation instead of seeing actual changes that benefit the cluster for real. I mean, more server hardware is great and that more people can participate in these fights is also great. But if it just makes the problem bigger and bigger, nothing is gained effectively. That’s something I want to see changed. I don’t want to sit in 10% tidi and unresponsive ships for these battles, I want to do something. :slight_smile:


Only one side lost their toys tbh, the other side just abused server mechanics to force the enemy to crash the grid in order to save their keepstar.


i watched 5 minutes of the M2 battle livestream. then i switched to sasha grey playing overcooked 2, and found it infinitely more entertaining.

these large battles are really painful to watch. i can’t imagine participating in one and spending hours wondering if your ship even warped. what a shitshow.


We salute all the players for their efforts and their ambitions

For server.


Don’t be an idiot.

No other game can do what EVE does at this scale. It does not matter how CCP scales the hardware/software players will always push the limits. You are correct that throwing more power at it is not the solution but what is?

Can you imagine if the solution was based on the same mechanic to that of 3v3v3 or whatever abyssal arena PVP.

10 different groups showup with with like 10k people in total and you as a group/corp/alliance pick your side. The FC moves the priority ships and wings of their respective sides into position in the Q and the server then spits out the people based on that setup and into system avoiding tidi and server crashing as it will only an x amount of players. As people die and get podded out, the next person/s in Q enters systems until one of the FC stops their Q or run out of players.

This also allows the FC to exclude neutrals that take up server power and normally only there to whore in on kills.

Can you imagine when the solution is a fixed trickle type systems that the FC has to manage.

God… The forums will erupt.

Actually… @CCP_Dopamine do that… then people can no longer people tank a system or timer. Maybe give the whiners something else to whine about. Because I dont remember people whining like this when it happened to the Goons.


No other game wants to because they see how it works in EVE. That is the difference. Other game developers know how hideous the experience is and do not endeavor in forcing it upon their players. In contrast to CCP.

No, I cannot imagine that people would be overly sad about this. Sure, some tryhardslike Scoots would get an aneurysm, but that’s something I am willing to accept as reasonable sacrifice. Most other people would be happy if they actually could fight in these battles instead of being stuck in endless jump tunnels, hours upon hours on a titan without doing anything after they alarmclocked in the middle of the night or even called in fake-sick at work to participate.

Do I really have to repeat myself again? Read here:

or here:


You are not repeating yourself to me because there was no way for me to be aware that you posted about this in other threads.

Yep, I mention that not because I thought it was a bad option. But it seems to be one of the only realistic options. But I know I will get flak for even suggestion it by the tryhards as you call them. I come from the age before TIDI… where it was just black screen, only to load hours later in station because at some point during my black screen I was killed in my capital and podded.

And I will not go back to that.

The same things happen today, just with more characters involved. Just look at the ghost titans that no one knows if they are dead or not. One guy from PL logged in just before DT and was still in their Titan, full shield, 0 armor, 0 hull, modules offlined, full cap. This is madness.

If you replace these singular points of action with several action locations, you spread out these massive character numbers and give everyone a chance to be active and make an actual difference besides contributing to crashing the node. But as long as CCP lusts for these deceptive big stories and falsehoods disguised as news stories about their big fights, this will not happen.


basically, ccp said was: " I know, the server was not prepared and never will be, I am sorry for you lose, how sad, but I am not going do anything to compensate you, what are you going to do with me ha, I am the one in charge."