CCP You failed again

actually, a lot of goons are also pretty bummed. they wanted a huge titan brawl too.

LOL love when bad trolls cant tell a fake… sound clip over a still shot cope harder

Then introduce mechanics that disperse this load.

But no, CCP is dead set on forcing people to go to one single point of action to duke it out to get more bad Guiness World record press for their god awful game experience.


Even PAPI have confirmed its authentic.

Forcing people how?

CCP f’d up in my opinion with introducing Titans, but hindsight is easy to criticise from.

But as for forcing us to fight in a single location, they’ve mostly tried to spread the load with Aegis sov.

Upwell structures brought single point battles back again, but when a super/titan fleet deliberately attempts to crash the node, there’s no point crying over poor performance and blaming CCP.

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By introducing structures without learning and changing mechanics from the past. CCP knows that people will bring N+1 to the single most important point of action because the other side brings N+1 to the single most important point of action. CCP introduced a damage cap to “disincentivize people from bringing N+1 because it’s not necessary” but completely ignores that it is still absolutely essential to bring N+1 anyway because you cannot do anything else but go to that single point to achieve the goal.

Since you mentioned Aegis sov: Yes, this is what they should have done to Keepstars as well. They should spawn nodes in the constellation (or even the same system because the lag is much less problematic on grids with fewer people) so that people have to fight over these nodes in several locations instead of fighting on one single grid. If you had to control majority of the nodes that spawned for a set amount of time to make the KS explode, you could not sit on one single point. You would have to have more smaller fleets going around or setting up in the systems to get these nodes. The group with the most people still has an advantage and it would also not remove N+1 but it would spread it. You can still have big battles over such a node but other people from your group could go move around in the other systems or other grids in system to take the nodes where no titanic battle rages.

There is all the points in the world to do so. Simply because CCP refuses to learn and change their systems according to our actions.


Yes, that’s very true. None of them are here in the forum whining at CCP though. Thats just the OP in this case, even before things have completely settled down.

CCP do sometimes address the outcomes of these situations, but the OP has posted his rage quit thread even before anyone at CCP has had any time to analyse the situation.

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But how does that force anyone to do anything?

People want to use their big toys, but no one is forced to do anything. We make the game happen and to be honest, with how hard we as a community went at CCP after Aegis sov, I’m surprised they didn’t just abandon sov mechanics all together. As a community we whinged for a couple of years that sov wanding was bad and we missed dominion mechanics (not exactly, but in a general sense we whinged that there was no pit he’d battles any longer and no central thing to fight over).

They are on a hiding to nothing no matter what they do.

You are writing in the topic about just that.

Oh yes, because CCP initially made it cancerous with ceptors. And Aegis sov also fails to work “as intended” most of the times because people do not fly around as CCP hoped we would because most of the times no one shows up at all. And trolling is way too easy with wanding, too. You could not just troll drop an SBU in Dominion. But trolling does not work when you have a set number of KS nodes showing up.

Still don’t get it and still crying.

Keep trying. You might eventually

About us being forced? If I have (I don’t think so, but maybe), then I’ll just correct that. No one is forced to do anything. These are all just choices we make, and CCP doesn’t really come into the thinking most of the time (except when server performance will be stretched.

We focus more on our enemies and how they might respond than what CCP does.

At least quote the whole thing boy.
Distortion field can’t hide your inability to comprehend the most simple fact of them all. This game is broken.
Spin all you want, quote partial words but fact is a fact. So go cry me a river for all I care as in the end you can’t change facts but if it makes you feel better then enjoy.

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Okay, sure… Of course. So Goons just let this KS die because the are not forced to defend it because the attackers prepared a massive force. Or from the other perspective: They just let goons keep this KS because they brought a massive force to defend it.

Have you ever heard of the concept of “illusion of choice”? Every KS battle gives you an illusion of choice, but in the end you are always forced to operate in one specific way: bring more people because the other side brings more people. There is no real choice. Just because CCP keeps saying or insisting on that there is does not make it so.

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I did. You edited it a few seconds after I quoted it. So maybe actually write it correctly first time.

The whole thing where a system can’t span nodes certainly does seem more like a 2004 kind of problem than a 2021 kind of problem…

That would be pretty dumb. Goons have been pretty open about intending to defend Keepstars, even though they haven’t.

But how is the choice to defend something, equivalent to us being forced by CCP?

Why were goons not forced to defend in NOL-M9, but suddenly now CCP is forcing them?

You are being obtuse. They don’t force you to defend something. They force you to defend and attack it in a specific way if the opposite side attacks or defends it in that specific and only viable way.


Not being obtuse. As players, I have always for 8-9 years expressed a consistent view that we own responsibility for our choices and actions. Trying to externalise that as being forced into something is just a way of shifting blame from ourselves to someone else (and often, CCP).

CCP screw things up all the time, but any choice we make is on us.

CCP didn’t force over a thousand titans to be staged for a fight. CCP didn’t force deliberate attempts to crash the node. CCP didn’t force PAPI to make tactical choices about when to jump into system and where to jump to.

Those are all on us as players and where CCP screwed up was not having the foresight to see how oppressive supers and titans would become over time. But the choice of how to approach the fight is down to us on both sides, not CCP.

They haven’t even had time to respond to this situation and yet here the OP is with a rage quit thread.

They did by introducing mechanics that give the players only the illusion of choice to act differently. If you don’t understand this, you are in perfect company with CCP and a perfect customer for them because you take the blame for their failures.

:joy: How would they even respond? “Sorry, we screwed up and we will do it again next time you have to use our mechanics. Because we refuse to learn but expect you to learn our new screw ups every day anew. Because screw you!”

CCP knew that since they introduced titans for the first time. Or why did they remove AOE doomsdays after these obliterated whole fleets in one go? And despite that knowledge they brought AOE DDs back. They also made it much, much easier to build these massive ships despite knowing of the Wrecking Ball doctrine NCPL used (and they thought they had fixed that approach by changing fighters and removing drones :joy:).

You see, this is the problem with you and people like you. You never understand a thing and you always try to blame someone else than the actual person to blame. CCP has all the data and experience in the world to foresee how players will act. And yet, they keep introducing mechanics that force players to keep acting in these same ways. I do not see how players are to be blamed for anything.