The failure of CCP was so predictable

The greatest battle of history gives birth to a nameless crap.

The total inability of CCP to provide servers to play normally this battle has turned to ridicule.

Can not reload the ammo.
Can not get drones out.
The slightest action taking at best 10 times more time than usual.

The trailer showing epic battles is a pure lie.

It is understandable that with such technical gaps all CCP projects fail one after the other.

You are lamentable !!


the next nearest server capacity multiplayer game is arma3 and thats presently capped at 200 players.

theres no other multiplayer that gets above 500, much less 6000

the servers literally cannot be any better.
there isnt anything that can be done to improve it once it gets that extreme.


To be fair, the fleet numbers in the “Wrecking Machine” trailer don’t come anywhere close to this size.

But here is the thing, Fozzie explained in another post why timers on upwell structures are in real time and not tidi time. Ironically the answer was we don’t think the outcome would be good, and the other part almost sounded like “Legacy Code”

The server is going to have issues when you cram that many people into it, but why should strategic objectives be not affected by tidi when someone’s ability to achieve that objective be affected by Tidi.

And why is there no way for people who have been disconnected to get back into game?


The only way to make sure the servers run big battles reliably at normal speed would be to cap the player count in-system to something counted in hundreds. The hardware/network/processor architecture to handle several thousand players in one fight simply doesn’t exist.

Instead of applying that lame limitation, CCP implemented a solution that lets us do these big fights if we want to. The downsides are well known and (as you so astutely point out) highly predictable. As such, they are factored into the strategies involved, and people taking part are well aware of them ahead of time.

Rather than throw ignorant rants CCP’s way, people should be thanking them for actually giving us the option to do these kind of fights, even thought the current technology really shouldn’t support it.


The PR stunt I observed today didn’t do Eve online any favors. I can’t for see any national media outlet giving this game 30 seconds ever again.


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Don’t get me wrong. While I am sure I will get shot for this tidi is an awesome feature that as you put lets us have such high loads on the server from generic systems, to trade hubs or major combat site.

My issue is if there is an objective designed by CCP (example killing a keepstar requiring x amount of dps) that should not happen in real time where your ability to project damage is impacted by the dilation.

My suggestion is that everything in the system should be happening at the same speed. For example, if damage projection can only happen at 10% of normal speed, repairing or taking the aforementioned damage should only occur at 10% of normal speed.


With this issues on gameplay we can deduct that the keepstars of big alliances are indestructible, until someone fix the repair time.

Thanks CCP for screwing the endgame!


I reckon CCP did a damned good job of allowing such a massive fight…

No other MMO allows for fights that size and complexity.

No other company will move your fight to a special server node that can handle the fight. And they were real time monitoring performance, and threw more RAM at the node when it wasn’t coping.

Yes there were issues, but nothing caught fire and we got a good fight and a resolution, rather than a server crash.

Good job CCP :slight_smile:


Think of a water way, it has many paths but the same goal going down hill. Server passes along fighter commands, ship movements, weapons going off, tidi slows it down so it can keep up with the commands.

The tidi should have slowed the timers for the stru, why? Because it gives the defender to much time and attackers can’t get the mount of dps in on that stru because of tidi slowing down fighters, weapons and more.

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You always whine after one of these, but 6 months later you’re booking time off work for the next MAX HYPE 4000man tidi fest. Like a dog back to its vomit. CCP knows this.


Oh, come on. We didn’t book the day of work. We were sick. We had a very serious health condition. Space Flu


Oh fantastic. When the thread handling the fighter commands gets bottled up, now you’ve got fighters shooting ships that are already destroyed. Or bouncing off ships that are destroyed.

Or something more significant, a titan just DD’d a target that’s already dead because the thread handling titans was running faster than the thread running faxes.

Or the fax reps were bottled up and running slow, but the supercarrier’s heavy fighters were running just fine.

Need I go on?

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My only issue is that I hope CCP manages a way to secure clients through existing technology so that they can pass on the CPU/RAM requirements of big fleet fights onto users computers spreading the shared load in huge fights. Given available methods Im sure that even TiDi can be greatly reduced by this load sharing if implemented and done right.

Guess we shall see what the future holds for Eve.

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Potato’s all around. YaY! for that.

One of my friends was getting 1 fps with a decentish computer :stuck_out_tongue:

Just remember when you are recruiting people from High Sec for “the big fights”, you remember this and adequately explain what people are actually getting in to.

Barely being able to move, not knowing if what you have trained for years is actually doing anything meaningfull at all. Tactics of piling on to crash the node or just constant pile ons to just make everyone have little to no fun at all.

Sure CCP made it “possible”, but that’s all your excuses as to why its ok that no one in their right mind would want to play it. I know lets let an alliance have 20000 people when a system can barely handle 2000, genius.

Everyday watching Null Sec, High Sec looks better than ever.


Never forget.


I mean, CCP developed a new sov system based on spreading fights out in a direct attempt to avoid this kind of garbage. Problem is…they kind of forgot that a major part of that warfare involves these timer-based objectives for which N+1 is again the most effective solution.

THey may have done that for sov, they didn’t do it for upwell fights.