[Dev Blog] The second timer in M2-XFE

Meanwhile, In 2030 …


The number of emotionally immature idiots increases with the number of players participating.


My experience of the fight was my carrier trying 5 times to jump and each attempt timing out after 15 minutes then after the 4th or 5th time trying the FC saying to abort and dock. My subcap jumped into system through the gate, sat in warp tunnel for half an hour, then client crashed and then after that could not log in despite trying for another hour.

Honestly most of the dev blog makes sense - CCP have never reimbursed for fleet losses and I can understand that policy.

However not moving people is a terrible idea.

There are hundreds if not thousands of people stuck in a hellcamped system with potentially fried modules and no conceivable way to organise a rescue. Basically they can’t play the game, I feel especially bad for anyone with their main or multiple characters stuck like that.

But as players that’s really hard to solve because any rescue attempt will escalate in the same way as the last battle and result in the same ends.

This is not a problem players can solve.

We cannot “form up a rescue” because to do so would just reproduce the very server problem that caused this issue in the first place! My subcap was extracted by a raiding fleet that went in to get out as many subcaps as possible (made easier by the fact it was on the gate!) - but that’s a lot harder to do for supers.


total ■■■■ show

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Good job CCP,

Reinbursements would be a PR suicide.

Server weather saved PAPI suuper fleet only a few months ago, server weather killed their Titan fleet this time.

If you want to play the null game don’t ignore server weather.

I for one do not want to play the null blob game, I am a happy person. Feel free to join me or learn about server weather.


What a pile of crap.

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The only system in the game that has a population cap is Jita - to avoid the system going into Time dilation.

So PAPI would only have to fully staff the system 24/7 with 4000 players and no one would be able to fetch more supplies?

I think the war would be won faster that way. :nerd_face:


This is pretty funny tbh

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You maybe onto a new meta,

Virtual machines with 1000’s of alpha clones may soon be an illicit but usefull tactic used by null groups to bring bad server weather to chosen nodes.

Botting is the current backbone meta so it is not inconceivable those willing to extensively bot would also willing to extensively vr alpha clone hostile nodes into melt down.


CCP, stating the obvious like this is pretty pathetic. We all know what happened, but that’s not why we pay 15 euros a month for. What we need is a solution to a problem, not someone enunciating “look, here is the problem”. Thanks, Captain Obvious.

How about you start enforcing new strategies, such as having to fight in multiple locations at once? Yes, that won’t bring you Guinness Records you like so much, but it would finally make the game more playable for everyone.

What about making it so that Keesptar are more limited in numbers. and are weaker when losing ground in a region or when losing the system itself?

And those are just two random ideas among a crap ton that people have been mentioning over the years. Throwing money at a problem that can’t be fixed is not a solution at all. Time to go back to drawing board and change the way this game needs to be played, as it is obvious massive fights and massive wars CANNOT take place in one system.


I agree.

Ban fleet actions

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ccp reimbursement

on the one hand

As a rule, reimbursements will not be given unless a game master (GM) is able to verify that the loss occurred due to unnatural reasons through a review of the server logs.


Reimbursement will only be granted if a loss is attributable to a bug or server error.

but also

Any losses of any kind resulting from a large-scale player engagement are not covered by this reimbursement policy.

In my understanding it is a techical root cause for this, caused from the server not the player.

It is our policy to not get involved with fleet fights,

But CCP is involved in server issues and performance issues.

So the signal for player is, don’t participate in big fights.


PAPI can do it itself, right? Simply split up and reinforce in several systems at the same time, where is the problem, why does CCP have to do it? PAPI has 150K players, should be enough for some systems…

In hindsight, it may have also been PAPI’s smart move that CCP doesn’t see it as a mistake, so they can now cripple a few systems with big numbers themselves so the GOONs can’t defend them.

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It was caused by human action and technical limitation.

Its pretty flipping clear.

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Exactly massive null fights are a turd, don’t cry when you get shat on. It is right there in reinburse policy.

It would be like a bdsm enthusiasts crying to the brothel his balls now hurt. Null f1 blobers are gimps to me, I don’t kink shame them and my advice for their battles is rejected in near all discord. Let them have their server weather, 3hr form ups, 12hr tidi battlesand mass disconnects they love that stuff.

If you ain’t loving it then step out of null.


Cry some more. M2 100% goon certified salt needs more input.

There are physical limits in reality and there is nothing CCP can do (that is not limiting the sandbox with population cap or similar). We keep cramming in more people. PASPI tried to jump in several thousand players in a system that already had several thousand there.

Every FC/alliance leader/F1 monkey with two braincells knows how TiDi behaves and what to expect from servers. That is why handling TiDi is a major part of any strategy we employ. Already during the B-R fight tons of our fleets were kept outside of system and employed to prevent enemies piling in more to crash the node.
If you are not taking measures to handle TiDi you are a bad FC and a bad leader and you deserve anything you get. I just don’t know why PASPI members keep following such leader. You guys deserve better!


3 reasons why this CCP response is wrong and bluntly ignorant.

1: Put the blame on the player base and CCP sells a product that does not provide any other means of gaining decisive advantages hence the players have no other choice then engaging in very large-scale battles. So basically blaming the player base for “overwhelming” the servers and then at the same time saying “your fault, you pay for it” is simply wrong!

2: Do not differenciate There is a difference between tactical failures and behaviours like not loading grid but being already obliterated or being in two systems at the same time etc. Those are not players mistakes; this is broken coding by CCP and need to be reimbursed. It is vastly different to being on grid and dying or not being able to load grid with full force and hence your allies on grid get blown up or the timer runs out because nobody gets on the battlefield in time.

3: No alternatives: It basically provides the blueprint for being “invulnerable”, just load enough people into a system and wait for the server to f-up and easily kill tons of ghost ships, while people sitting in those ghost ships still waiting for the screen to come up.

CCP must change the game mechanic to force fights to be in multiple adjacent systems simultaneously, that is the only way to handle this type of war, until the servers are able to withstand battles of 30-40k people in a single system.


I put 130 people in a 12 person lift and they are now dead.

Schindler must be at fault.


This is not true. Planetside tries and fails (they need far lower limits to prevent people spawning right in front of you and that’s with client doing some of the heavy lifting which is a recipe for cheating.

This is a sandbox game. If you want 5v5 fights there are billions of FPS games out there. No stakes, no losses, perfect for whiners like you.

Again not true. We have been outnumbered by PASPI from day one and still are around and kicking. n+1 works to a certain degree but you still have to deal with strategic level of thinking and planning, and, yes, that includes handling server performance. Reality is hard and it’s apparent that paspi crew is blaming everyone except their leadership who screwed up in handling TiDi (note that we were formed and in system 4+ hours before the timer as compared to PASPI that formed shortly before the timer).


And that is why I linked to my suggestions for how to better use these limitations to prevent a complete breakdown of the server. May I suggest you work on your certification process? It makes you look like an incoherently rambling geezer.

No one is talking about 5v5. The suggested changes to Keepstar mechanics enable the full 13700k people to fight in contrast to the current stage where only the lucky 4500 in system that won the access lottery can grab some cheap potshots.

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Just leave null and join faction warfare its a lot more fun than that laggy crap.

Also I can imagine how tired you are of farming 4 hours a day just to loose your titan while not even there to enjoy the fight.