CCP did it again!

Where are moderators now ???

I’m guessing he can’t hear you over the sound of his inner voice screaming REEEEEEEEE

Shrug… play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Mods shouldn’t need to shelter idiots from reaping what they sow.


Quality over quantity.

That’s where you are wrong. I am there. And I have to deal with this crap first hand and probably have to waste a couple of nights over the next few weeks because of this or else I lose things I have worked for for months and years. Actually, it is very likely that I will lose these things anyway despite wasting nights in an atrocious, frustrating and not enjoyable environment, hence not being able to enjoy these fights makes it even worse.

But I am just a pretentious mongoloid speaking. :slight_smile:

I dunno but the moderators are well aware that ‘mongoloid’ in the context I used it in is synonymous with ‘cretin’, ‘imbecile’, and the like. I suggest you learn how words work, because words alone are meaningless. Context is everything. Flag it if you don’t like it, but also flag the guy calling people numpties if you wanna be consistent, because it’s just a synonymous. Otherwise, you’re a hypocrite.

Whether you’re there or not, you don’t have to be. Again, no one is putting a gun to your head, mate.

Of course not. Thank you for confirming what I said earlier. :slight_smile:


Now see… it sounds like you’re playing the game in a way that you don’t enjoy. It sounds like you enjoy nullsov life, but don’t like the nullblobs that go with it. Honestly, I don’t know what you do, and honestly, I don’t care.

You can’t have one without the other. It was literally intended for the big groups to fight over.
Edit: No there I misspoke. It’s intended for players to fight over. Bigger groups will win though, which is why players get into big roups.

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It doesn’t matter where you go, you get supers and titans dropped on you anywhere outside high sec these days. Thanks to CCP’s infinite development wisdom.

As a lowsec dweller myself, I’m going to keep this really simple.

Working as intended.

Ever see what happens to a super when 50 dreads shoot it?

You might not like blobs, but that’s the way the universe works… there’s always a bigger fish. Or at least, one with bigger teeth.

Drop 50 dreads on them next time they drop supers and you’ll be literally volleying supers off the grid. 200b isk in dreads only needs to kill like 5 supers to be isk positive. They’ll be a LOT more careful next time.

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Yes, sure: Ships applying DPS while tethered because of tidi is sure working as intended. (which happened during this tidi lag fest and also during the last tidi lag fests.)

CCP did it again.™

Hi there, I see you enjoy the art of shifting the goalposts. You know full well what I was referring to when I said, “working as intended”. If there are bugs with the system, then they need to be addressed, but we weren’t talking about a bug, we were talking about dropping caps everywhere outside of highsec. Which is working as intended.

These incredibly and increasingly desperate attempts to find fault in everything about this game are very transparent, Dyver. Why are you here?

Also, your meme is still bad, and you should feel bad.

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I don’t care what you WAI was about or that you don’t like goal posts. As long as people say they enjoy this, CCP will not fix these things because people enjoy it anyway. People like you are the problem.

Did anyone actually enjoy the TiDi fest? Does anyone actually enjoy them?
Then I fail to see the point from an enjoyment standpoint.

Well, maybe you should not have stopped. You enjoy a bug ridden piece of software and your enjoyment gives CCP reason to not change or improve it.

This char doesn’t need to be taken seriously by someone who enjoys this madness. I have other characters who are being taken seriously. :slight_smile:

I’m sure someone is taking you seriously

What I said was, no one that matters is taking you seriously.


It’s like running a marathon. The act of running gets really bad after a while, but crossing the finish line is great. You can always opt out of the TiDi gameplay. But depending on your personal goals, you may still be impacted by the actions of those who are willing to go the distance.

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3000 people vs a few people “inconvenienced” by people playing the game… You’re actually the odd “numpty” out.
I’m not a huge fan of TiDi. But I’m more a fan of server stability, which before TiDi these big fights would have whole clusters of systems drop off.
Also, the game isn’t run on “one server”. It’s run on a huge cluster of servers all tied together. That is why TiDi in Jita doesn’t affect Amarr, for instance.
Hell I didn’t even know there was a fight till I read news feed. While some wine about how buggy the game can be, I’ve been around long enough to remember how bad it used to be. They’ve improved the hard- and soft-ware considerably.

Also the fact that you keep posting about the buggy software… Means it’s bearable, and enjoyable enough for you to still be here whining.