Should CCP remove fighters and drones to reduce TIDI?

How much stress do fighters and drones cause the servers? would this dramatically reduce TIDI?

If one drone or fighter is considered one person in a ship, removing drones would increase the capacity of large fights by the thousands and dramatically reduce TIDI. I believe that people would prefer no drones and much less TIDI over drones and TIDI. I understand there are some people that do not care for large fights, but the majority of those people do not care because the headache that TIDI causes.

I had a random idea and I’m sure a lot of people would come up with other ideas that could help. In order to decrease TIDI it might be worth it, change the game mechanic, and have drones or fighters to be similar to a DOT (damage over time) effect when selected as a module. It would be placed as an aura on the targeted ship that lasts a certain amount of time before having to re-cycle the “drone module” or “fighter module”.

if there was a way to eliminate drones and fighters flying in space but still keeping drones and fighters, that could work with reducing TIDI.

some negatives in this would be:

you wouldn’t be able to target and shoot fighters and drones.

no visual effects of actual drones and fighters in space.

would negatively effect small gang pvp without being able to kill drones.

It would be a bummer to eliminate drones, but perhaps it would help in the large fleet fights. One thing to consider would be to just change the limits so that you can only deploy one drone, instead of five - but make that one drone 5x the damage, 5x the hit points - this is how CCP addressed the issue a long time ago.


That idea is excellent as well! all while being able to keep drones and fighters with little changes.


Remove all other weapons systems other than lasers.


you asked this on r/eve and got shot down already, this is a terrible idea there and it’s still a terrible idea here

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no one shot it down on r/eve.

i think only one person said it is a terrible idea.

and I think as a community post you get feedback and ideas from all perspectives. not just yours.

thats what god wants

So… let’s just eliminate tons of ships from fights because they are drone boats.

My Myrmidon objects.
My Gila objects.
My Curse objects.
My eventual Eos objects.
… objects.

You get my point. Some of us actually like flying droneboats.


YES! And in all honesty ban anyone who uses any AOE weapon in a tidi fight. And if we are at it: In all honesty also kill missiles. Nothing but direct damage weapons should be allowed in tidilagfests.

And if you think this is bad, just wait until you try to rematerialize your ship from a super in 9% tidi.+

No, we don’t because you don’t use these ships’ weapons in a 10% tidi fight with 5k+ people in system. Don’t be intentionally obtuse. This is not about your worthless little smallgang crap, this is about the real really bad big crap.

and for you sir
the law

Did… did you really just suggest… getting rid… of… fighters for large scale fights?


Have you heard of the ‘Super Carrier’? You know, the PRIMARY mode of battle for 99% of fights that matter??

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Titans don’t need drones. Supercarriers can just be there for respawning subcaps from now on.

Delete everything!


ya , except the amarr ships OFC :smiley:

CCP needs to get rid of the fluff from mission sites that cause lag. I have noticed that the large amounts of ‘debris’, those annoying splotches of black flakes floating around the field does in fact cause more lag then most mission sites with solid rocks.

remember wen you had to avoid mines in space with the horrid eve space controls LOL


No, they should not.

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If CCP remove EVE at all - it’s definitely reduce TIDI to ZERO. :ok_hand:

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I’m a bit surprised TIDI is still a problem with EvE. A lot of companies used to struggle with similar problems, where it was hard for some reason or another to spread work load over multiple nodes. Most companies solved those problems, though, many years ago. You don’t see this problem much anymore. But the companies that struggled with it most are ones where some kind of real time info resides in memory, and shifting it to storing it in some kind of shared model, like a database or master server of some kind, would slow things down too much. But EvE already works on 1 second ticks. The difference between the response time of local memory and the response time of a database is measured in milliseconds. Those miliseconds can be an eternity for some kinds of applications, but not for ones that have a full second to spend. Seems like the tick-based system would give it way more than enough headroom to allow them to span multiple nodes for a single system. Even if it did introduce some small delay, I would think it would be a 1 or 2 tick delay, max, not anything on the order of magnitude of TIDI… What am I missing?

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Show me at lest one, ONE single example of other game with similar scale of battles where servers aren’t limiting factor. Then we will talk.

These games don’t have thousands of players fighting against eachother.

But, independently of that, calculations aren’t spread across servers.
Seems to be a design issue no one considered back in the early days.