Mining drone change

Simple, give mining drones the yield of (keywords here) up to 5 drones depending on mining drone skill level, reason, apparently drones create lag, less drones around, less chance of time (((dilation))).

But we all know how people love swarms of drones so just leave combat drones as is.

[ Another bad ideal brought to you by me ]

You know highsec mining’s taken a right turn past insane when orca fleets are causing tidi?

That said, OP, are you actually seeing tidi or are you just thinking about whether or not you’re contributing to it?

I ask because systems are all on nodes - sometimes the node is shared, sometimes it’s reinforced and running solo if CCP knows something’s about to go down (like a major null fight).

Just mining with drones will generally not have any impact on tidi in your average day-to-day.

No, haven’t experienced ANY time dilation what so ever, the only reason I suggested it is that it is different, in our human society we often follow what has been laid out by those before us, to that end I believe rethinking some of what we do should be looked at.
My understanding is that drones create lag, everything I have ever read in forums has stated this, how mining drones impacts it probably negligible but just throwing ideals out there.

While the bulk of the statement that “drones cause lag” is true in concept… in practice, it won’t cause lag unless you’re over-straining the node.

Lag, in a nutshell, is when the server can’t perform the calculations it needs to perform in the time that it has to perform them.

Imagine, for example, counting to 10 out loud every time someone pushes a button

Normal day to day stuff, there’s just one dude pushing the button every now and then - you’ll be able to say the numbers nice and slow. But start adding dudes. Eventually you’ll reach a point where say 5 dudes are pushing the button one after the other… you of course can only speak so fast, and so the dudes start to observe “lag” in how quickly you handle their input.

But it’s not an issue in normal day to day stuff in Eve, because the nodes aren’t all on the same hardware. They’re spread out, so that we can do things like have mining drones. A fleet of orcas, for example, will have no impact on the largescale fight happening elsewhere so long as it’s on a different node.

Thank you very much for explaining and not just trolling the post, guess it was on my mind because as subtle as it is I’ve noticed that 2 sec tick between action and reaction of commands, and I’m sure you’ve seen the “hiccup” when sometimes you go to jump to the next gate only for it to start aligning the start over again, maybe it’s my connection.

I troll the ■■■■ out of some threads (okay… most threads lol). But your tone in your OP didn’t warrant it.

What you’re describing sounds like what most describe as rubber banding. Typically that’s a desync between the client and the server (the client and server disagree with where things should be). For example, if you start aligning, your client will respond immediately whether the server does or not; a second later the server updates the client with its information and the client “snaps back” to your location and vector according to the server.

I personally only usually see rubber banding when I’m coming out of warp, I’ve never seen it on align before. But in concept, I could see it happening.

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