Ways on how to reduce TiDi

I am highly in favor of ways on how to reduce or remove fleet engagement time dillation from the game. I have been discussing it with some folks, over a drink, and it’s tricky but we came up with a suggestion.

Some kind of bomb or field generator that drags all ships in a several 10 kilometer area of effect to a subspace pocket or bubble, similar to an abyssal pocket, keeps them there to violently hash it out for an hour and dumps the ships back in to real space after 30 minutes. It might also be that a large conglomeration with warp drives in space might create a socalled Quantum Alcubierre Tachyon Reticulation Field, that’s visible and predictable - add too many ships together and these ships tend to fall into an Abyssal for 30 (or 4d6+16) minutes and then all ships get randomly dumped in the same system somewhere.

This may have major strategical consequences for large fleet engagements, but I’d rather have “vigorous solutions” rather than what I have come to consider an actual reason for quitting the game. I have never experiences something as offensively frustrating as TiDi.

I am going out on a limb here, I am fully aware of that, I just viciously resent the stillborn six limbed mutant aberration that’s TiDi. Like, Ugh.

I don’t think you understand how abyssal space operates. This would create more tidi not less.

Not to mention how it would be abused

You don’t solve a single shard issue with introducing more instanced gameplay sigh.

its a shame its closed now but i think my “cyber warfare” idea had some merit to it.

link: Cyber warefare (a concept to help with TiDi) - #2

may not of been a perfect idea, but i feel like there was something to it, like i was just starting to scratch the surface of something.

i also find it most impressive that it wasn’t once commented on or flamed or i was put in a position to defend it, given some of the people who comment or post on this forum, i found it really suprising.

So what keeps me from yeeting your logi wing into the depths of the abyss so I can murder your DPS and vice versa? Or literally just sending you to space jail for the next half an hour.

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