Battlegrounds, PvP Complexes, Sov, and Large Battles

Into the Abyss has me excited for where the game is headed and some of the concepts I think could be applied to Sov and the process for flipping systems. A system that resembles Battlegrounds. Created items that can be used to open a portal to a chain of deadspace pockets where varying styles of maps with different objectives and allowed ship sizes and mass limits. Some other concepts to decide upon would include being able to use the item to generate the pvp complex anywhere within the contested system or having a specific area or areas where using the item is allowed or would provide a multiplier to a victory. Npc’s being included, timers and how to make a system vulnerable, mechanics for the complexes and thought to the scale of conflicts in them. One consideration would be how to track tonnage by corp or alliance. Another would be thoughts on player built structures and how they interact with the TCU and the possibility of capturing infrastructure by achieving the victory conditions. In certain situations would corps/alliances scuttle their infrastructure for a scorched earth tactic?

The main goals would be to make sov conflict engaging, to lessen the tedium of station bashing, and to split up the main conflict into separate instances to lessen the time dilation and to get away from straight up blob vs blob.

I believe PvP complexes have a reason to exist in eve and that the sov grind needs change.
Please, if there’s already a topic along this line of thinking, would you share the link?
Also, feedback!!

sounds like a great way to overcomplicate things and ultimately limit how you can play in the sad box.

you want to fix sov?

remove sov. turn system upgrades into structures and boom you now have a much better and more organic sov system. You hold sov because you say you do and you don’t let anyone else.

So would that still lead to huge blob vs. blob battles, lasting all day because TiDi be damned?

I understand that the large battles are kind of a big deal and they shouldn’t go away. How do you not overcomplicate things while trying to spread out the involved parties into multiple instances?

As cool as the largest battles in Eve seem, I wouldn’t want to spend a whole day in TiDi.

is about the most anti eve thing i have seen posted on these forums

also those large tidi battles aren’t all that common

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Here’ another thing… I like harassing large battles. Hop in a bomber, load void or damage bombs, try to get to the fight in time, and bomb. I’m not alone in this, with some larger groups also enjoying this game style. By limiting fights to instances, you hinder or remove this game style. Not a fan of the idea.


Personally, I think we already had a solution called Fozziesov, and I thought it was great. Unfortunately, I seem to be in the minority and it seems that people prefer structure grinds over that.

I would prefer to see sov mean a lot more than it does now, like a direct impact on the ability to fuel structures (or decide who can fuel) so that small, split fleets style of warfare actually means something. Fozziesov needs some work to address things like Claw fleets zooming around and zapping toasters, but I don’t think these issues are insurmountable at all.

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