I miss the big wars

Would removing sov in null sec do the trick?
Any other ideas?


Removing and/or severely limiting jump bridging and jump capable ships would be a good start. Less power projection means less massive coalitions, more room for upstarts or other groups to thrive.

Insta travel is the bane of all MMO’s.

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Why miss them? I guess i been removed a while and i am certainly have a different view point given i have not been saturated with propaganda.
I just don’t see the different bigger alliances and blocs really wanting that to happen unless it was agreed and manufactured.

Have you been in one? With tidi and lag, they are super awesome experience. Yes, you do not blackscreen anymore but that is definitely not for the better. With blackscreen crashes, you at least didn’t have to sit around in 10 % tidi for hours, wondering if you are still alive (I recently died while in jump tunnel to another in tidi), if your weapon activated on the correct target (my weapons constantly respond to the wrong target and extremely delayed) or where the broadcasts are when the FC told you 10 minutes ago what to shoot.

Big wars and big fights are anything but something to aspire.

As for removal of sov: It would certainly lead to more enjoyable activities in my opinion. I used to be a resident in Syndicate and Curse for a long time and never in my time in EVE have I had more fun. Back in the days when these areas where still alive and when it was not mandatory to have sov to achieve something, my group used to be able to hold influence over a nice area of space, we regularly were being contested by nearby groups, we had a nice income source to finance our fun, we had nice fights that were meaningful, engaging and engageable. You could just do things without having to worry that you have to waste tons of time and effort on evacuating all your things the next day. You may have lost some influence in the area if a bigger fish moved in, but even though you could still just enjoy EVE.


Well, people fight over SOV. If you remove it, people have a reason less to go to war. Changing the mechanics would probably be a better approach than simply removing it.

We currently have two big wars going on, btw. See:

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I’m not a big fan of big battles as well, I think sov has set things up for the big battle.

Just my opinion, sov only happens in one system to act as the capital of an alliance. Everything else must be faught over as part of the alliance influence.

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